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11 Warning Signs of Suicide ...

By Denise

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Although teenage suicide is the kind we hear most about, a lot of adults also die by their own hands. There are many reasons that can lead a person to commit suicide; some mundane and some so deep that only the person can actually understand. Although you can’t fully know what goes on in someone’s mind, you can recognize their behavior and, to some extent, their emotions and reactions. Suicidal people exhibit signs of their desire or intent to commit the fatal act. You should watch out for these warning signs.

1 Anxiety or Agitation

Anxiety or AgitationPhoto Credit: SashaW

The feelings of anxiety and agitation that come with depression can lead people to commit depression. These feelings are very uncomfortable and these people just want inner peace and quiet.

2 Feelings of Helplessness or Despair

Feelings of Helplessness or DespairPhoto Credit: slozan0

Feelings of helplessness and despair weigh down suicidal people. They feel like there is no hope for the future. If they are in some kind of trouble or bad situation, they feel like things can’t change for the better. They feel as if suicide is their only way out.


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3 Feelings of Guilt and Self-loathing

Feelings of Guilt and Self-loathingPhoto Credit: BOP33P

People’s depression makes them feel like a burden to their family and friends. They feel like they can’t do anything for the people around them because of their mental or emotional problems. These people feel like the world will be a better place without them.

4 Destructive Behavior

Destructive BehaviorPhoto Credit: AndYaDontStop

People with suicidal tendencies often engage in unnecessary risks. You would think that they have a death wish. (Sadly, they actually do.) Some examples of destructive behavior are increased drug or substance use, unsafe sex, reckless driving, eating disorders, and being in an abusive relationship. They generally are not afraid of dangerous situations.

5 Isolation and Withdrawal

Isolation and WithdrawalPhoto Credit: ?Static?

People suffering from suicidal thoughts have a growing desire to be alone. They stay away from family and friends. They no longer engage in the activities they enjoy. They isolate themselves from society.

6 Fixation on Death

Fixation on DeathPhoto Credit: olivia house

Suicidal people will usually be preoccupied with death. They have this fascination with dying (methods, how it must feel, etc.) and violence. You will notice that they talk or write a lot about death.

7 Talking about Suicide

Talking about SuicidePhoto Credit: Hugo Provoste

You should never ignore suicide threats, no matter how casually or jokingly they’ve been said. People who commit or attempt suicide often talk about it before actually doing it. Don’t ignore someone who talks about suicide or dying especially if they are depressed, feeling anxious/agitated, or helpless/hopeless.

8 Books and Internet Searches

Books and Internet SearchesPhoto Credit: Ben Dalziel

Take note of the books a depressed or anxious person is reading, as well as the internet searches they’ve made. Anything related to suicide and dying could indicate a desire to commit the act.

9 Getting Affairs in Order

Getting Affairs in OrderPhoto Credit: SHADY*lane

Suicidal people, once they have made a decision to commit suicide, will start giving away their possessions. They start writing their will and making arrangements for their family. Basically, they begin preparing for their departure from the mortal realm.

10 Finality in Words and Actions

Finality in Words and ActionsPhoto Credit: crosti

These people will contact family and friends for the purpose of bidding farewell. They act as if you are seeing them for the last time. They say goodbye in a way that suggests finality.

11 Sense of Calm

Sense of CalmPhoto Credit: Julie Lavelle

When suicidal people finally make that decision to take their own life, they will feel a sense of calm and peace. You will notice this as a sudden and unexplained happiness after a long period of depression or anxiety.

Suicide, no matter how many times you hear about it, can hurt and ruin the lives of the people left behind. Suicidal people do not want to die, although this is what their words would lead you to believe. They are hurting and just want the pain, guilt, or anxiety to stop. They turn to suicide because their coping mechanisms outweigh the negative emotions they feel. You can help prevent suicide by recognizing the signs. Be sincere and do not pass judgment. Offer your love, support, help, and understanding. Hopefully, you can convince them to get professional help.

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