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7 Signs That You Are over Spending on Clothes ...

By Mercy

Shopping is fun and exciting for most women but for some it is almost an addiction. In such cases it results dangerous and self-destructive behavior. Many future shopaholics begin this trend by over spending on clothes. The problem grows until it reaches an addiction stage. Here are 7 signs that you fall into this category.

1 You Hide Your Latest Purchases

If you find yourself hiding your purchases or lying about how much they cost to your partner, then you certainly have a problem. It shows that you are ashamed of what you are doing and don’t want anyone else to know what you’re up to. Another related sign is if you prefer shopping alone.

2 You Have 5 Items in Your Closet with the Price Tag Still Attached

If you have items in your closet with the price tag still attached, it is indicative that you have too many clothes. You clearly are not getting the chance to wear your latest purchases so obviously you don’t need them. Before you venture out on your next shopping expedition, check your closet.

3 You Shop when You’re Emotional

Shopping when you’re emotionally troubled or upset implies that you are using this activity as a form of therapy to deal with your issues. Unfortunately it is not the healthiest way to deal with your problems. It leads to other issues like addiction to shopping.

4 You Are behind on Your Other Commitments

If you have neglected your other commitments at work or at home, including bill payments and other obligations, then you have to consider just how much your behavior is affecting your life. If your clothes bill is so large that you can’t pay for food and electricity, clearly your priorities are in a mess.

5 You Never Repeat Your Clothes

A sign that you are shopping too much is when you never repeat your clothes. If every time you step out of your home, you are wearing something new, then you have too much to wear. Reconsider your behavior and whether you really need as many garments as you insist on buying.

6 You Have 7 White Blouses

When you have multiple similar looking clothes, obviously you have too many items in your closet and your shopping is not need based. 7 white blouses means that you don’t know what you have and that you are making purchases for reasons other than the usual one – of needing the article.

7 You Feel Guilty after Shopping

When you feel guilty, ashamed or remorseful after a bout of shopping, it is a sign that you are overspending on clothes. If you shop within the acceptable limits, you will not find yourself feeling so bad about it. If however, you shop too much, your conscience will prick.

Overspending on clothes can very easily escalate from a small manageable problem to a full-fledged addiction, requiring counseling and outside help. In order to avoid future issues, it is important to nip the problem at the bud right now.

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