7 Signs You Need to Move out of Your Home ...


7 Signs You Need to Move out of Your Home ...
7 Signs You Need to Move out of Your Home ...

This is for those that are renting from someone. If you own the home, then you should do what you can to stay in it. Some people need to move out of their home and they sit there wondering if it’s time to move or not. While I know it is hard to find a new home – I, of all people would know this one, especially if money is tight. Below, I am going to give you 7 signs you need to move out of your home.

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You Can’t Afford Rent

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You can no longer afford rent because of a job cut. If this is so, then you may want to move out of your home and move into one that is cheaper. I’m not talking just a hundred dollars cheaper, I’m talking about making it into something you can afford. Before you do this, you could try to speak with the landlord and see if he or she can do something to bring the rent down lower.


You Have Had Numerous Break-Ins

You have had numerous break-ins. People are coming in your home and taking things. I’ve been here before and it’s not fair. Not too long ago, my wedding ring was stolen. This is sad and makes me angry at the same time.


You Just Want Something Different

You Just Want Something Different Photo Credit: DarthNick

If you can afford it, then it’s fine. Wanting something different, something bigger is perfectly normal. If you believe it is time to upgrade to a bigger home, then go for it.


There Have Been Multiple Shootings in Your Area

In within a couple of weeks, there has been multiple shootings. I live in a small town, I don’t hear much about shootings in the area. However, not too far away, there’s Jacksonville and I read about shootings every day. I was going to move to Jacksonville a couple of years ago – I’m glad I didn’t.


The Roof is beyond Repair

The Roof is beyond Repair Photo Credit: Monviso View

The roof is beyond repair and the landlord is not fixing it. While landlords have to make your place safe to live in, some do not go by rules. You can either take time to fight this or just move out.


You Need to Be Closer to Your Job

You Need to Be Closer to Your Job Photo Credit: .: Philipp Klinger :.

You have a job that is far away and you need to be closer to it. Moving closer to your job is better than paying a lot of money in gas.


The Landlord is Annoying

The Landlord is Annoying Photo Credit: ilyacz

I will admit that many landlords are annoying, but if yours is beyond annoying, then you should just move out.

Those are 7 signs you need to move out of your home. Some of you may disagree on me and have harsh comments, but with these signs, I would definitely start looking for a home or at least, try to figure out a way to get a new one.

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Though our feelings are mutual!

Neighbours are suspicious or poky.

duh!! its d same storyb all over. my own neibors,although our relatives are so petty,jealous n hateful dt we always wished we cld move away..........

same here.

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