7 Signs of Alcohol Abuse ...


7 Signs of Alcohol Abuse ...
7 Signs of Alcohol Abuse ...

Alcohol is no good. You really do not need it and I don’t see why anyone would want to drink it. Of course, you may think the same thing. However, you may be abusing it and not realizing it or do not care to admit it. It starts out as an innocent drink at a social event, then it turns into an addiction. I’m not here to blame you or point fingers at you. I am just here to give you 7 signs of alcohol abuse …

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Money Disappearing

Money Disappearing Photo Credit: skettalee

I have witnessed it all before. When someone has an addiction to alcohol, money will start to disappear. People who are abusing alcohol and are addicted to it would much more prefer getting drunk than paying their bills.


Drinking Alone

Drinking Alone Photo Credit: david.kittos

When one has alcohol abuse, they drink alone. Normally, people are social drinkers and if you drink every now and then, that is okay. However, those that drink alone obviously have a problem.


You Pawn Stuff for Booze

When you pawn stuff so you can get the alcohol, then you have a problem. When you see yourself running low on alcohol and you go into a panic, then this is another sign that you have a problem.


You Shake in the Morning

You Shake in the Morning Photo Credit: ashley rose,

When one is abusing alcohol, they have a tendency to have the shakes in the morning. This is because their body is so used to consuming alcohol.


You Make up Excuses

When you make up excuses to drink alcohol, then you more than likely have a problem. You find any excuse to drink, even if it involves going to a party.


It’s Needed to Function

Your body has become so dependent on the alcohol that it seems you cannot fully function without it. So that you can function properly, you have to drink. There are ways to overcome this problem, you do not have to continue this.


You Get Angry when Approached

You Get Angry when Approached Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar

When you are approached about your problem, you get angry. When someone tells you that you have a problem, you have angry outbursts and deny it, even when the truth is obvious to everyone around you.

There are many people out there who are dealing with addictions and alcohol addiction is one of them. If you or someone you know has an addiction, then you need to find help. There are rehab centers scattered across the globe. Those are 7 signs of alcohol abuse. Can you think of any others?

Top Photo Credit: ChernobylBob

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What else am i going to add? Nothing.. This one is a very true one. I also noticed all these signs to a friend of mine. I wanted to help him but i don't know how. If you know on how to stop alcohol abuse, please post some too. Thanks!

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