7 Ways to Avoid a Hangover ...


7 Ways to Avoid a Hangover ...
7 Ways to Avoid a Hangover ...

If you're not a fan of morning-after headaches and nausea, there are a number of ways to avoid a hangover. In fact, if you are planning on a night out, where a substantial amount of drinking may be involved, there are a number of things you can do before you even begin drinking which could help avoid a hangover. There are also things to bear in mind while you drink and after you’re done drinking. If you are really lucky you may even avoid a hangover altogether. Here are 7 ways to avoid a hangover.

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Never Drink on an Empty Stomach

Make sure you have a good, substantial and healthy meal. You need to make sure your body is well prepared to absorb the alcohol you will be drinking and decrease the risk of any unpleasant effects later. Meals should contain carbohydrates such as bread and pasta and plenty of vitamin rich vegetables, vitamins B & C in particular, so a salad or fruit salad would be a good idea.


Make Sure You're Well Hydrated

Drink plenty of water and fruit juice in advance of the alcohol; each non alcoholic drink now will save you two in the morning. Also, make sure you have plenty of fruit juice and your favourite hangover remedy in stock for morning. A glass of milk before going out drinking is a great way to avoid a hangover as it coats the stomach lining and helps in minimizing the alcohol you absorb.


Choose Your Drink Wisely

If you choose light coloured drinks for the most part, they tend to reduce the risk of a hangover. It is not wise to mix your alcoholic drinks, so try and stick to the same drink throughout the night. Beware of bubbles; champagne, sparkling wine, etc., tend to cause more severe hangovers than other drinks.


Temper Your Consumption

One of the best ways to avoid a hangover is to be sensible in the rate you consume alcohol. Try to spread your drinking. The body can only break down the alcohol at a rate of 1 beer an hour, so if you drink more quickly than this you are not giving your body chance to keep up. You could alternate alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. If you don’t want your friends to know, try a few tricks. Drink an alcohol free cocktail, or perhaps choose lemonade with a slice of lime which could be passed off as a vodka tonic or orange juice passed off as a screwdriver.



Snack throughout the evening if you can, to keep your stomach full and add something to continue to absorb the alcohol. If there is food provided this can also be used as a distraction from the alcohol so that you slow your drinking down. If not peanuts, popcorn or crisps will suffice.


Act before Going to Bed

When you get home and before you go off to bed, make sure you drink a glass of water. Avoid taking medicines such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen, as they could cause damage to your liver. It may be an idea to take vitamins at this point. Alcohol depletes the nutrients in the body and taking vitamins can minimise the loss and may help to avoid a hangover.


Start the Day off Right

So you got through the big night and you’ve followed the ways to avoid a hangover -- now is the time to give you body a little extra care. You need to make sure the body is re-hydrated by drinking more water. You can also go for fruit juice, which will help replenish the vitamin C that the alcohol depleted. Have some breakfast. Not everyone can face a fry up, but wholegrain toast and honey are good, as is fruit. Remember you need to add back in what the alcohol took out.

The best and easiest way to avoid a hangover, of course, is not to drink too much in the first place. If you follow these tips though, they will help you minimize the worst of any after effects. If anyone has any tried and tested ways to avoid a hangover, they’d be very welcomed. How do you take care of yourself after a night of drinking?

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Take at least 500 mg of vit C while you are drinking and 500 before bed and 500 in the morning this will help with the hydration.

I thought it was the acetaminophen that caused damage to the liver not the ibuprophen.

Vitamin b pills in the morning are the best to lift your body out of bed feeling good, gatorade of course for the dehidrated body you carry , the beer theory for hangover in the morning actually is kind of true too! that is if you can stand the smell of it, it actually hydrates and gives you a little boost. Banana milkshake works wonders, better if you can mix it up with mango, they're natural energizers, I like mine with some honey and whole grains and into the blender!

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