8 Ways You Know You're Not Young Any More ...


8 Ways You Know You're Not Young Any More ...
8 Ways You Know You're Not Young Any More ...

As you get older, you increasingly find yourself experiencing disturbing events that make you realise you're not quite as young as you once were. Aging is impossible to avoid (unless you die, which is a bit drastic), so you may find yourself going through some of the following.

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Facebook Photo Credit: Vasjen Katro

You have teenage friends and relatives on Facebook, and reading their messages is like trying to decipher a long-lost ancient language. What on earth are they saying? Is it actually English?


Children Growing up

Children Growing up Photo Credit: Shana Rae

My nephew is getting married this year. What??? It seems like only yesterday that I was reading him bedtime stories, how can he be 26? A little girl I used to babysit now has children of her own as well. I'm now a grandbabysitter!



Clubbing Photo Credit:aspidistra

I can quite happily cope with late nights. I can go out on the town. But what I cannot do is combine the two. My days of partying until 5am are long behind me.



Films Photo Credit: Fispace

You are with younger friends. You refer to seeing a film from many years ago when it was first in cinemas. You realise that your friends were not even born when you saw that film! This is a very bad moment and has happened to me many times.



Sayings Photo Credit: Angela

You find yourself coming out with sayings like "Kids weren't like this when I was young". This is known as an "Oh my God, I am turning into my mother" moment and it WILL happen!



Memory Photo Credit: Paul Watson

Be warned. The memory starts to deteriorate when you are in your 30s. This has been a common experience for my friends and myself. Your diary becomes your best friend, or you wouldn't remember where you were supposed to be and when. In fact, you have to double up for security by writing everything on a calendar as well, in case you can't find your diary.


The First Grey Hair

The First Grey Hair Photo Credit:Madonna

This is a truly horrible moment. That hair won't last long, as you will evict it before it has a chance to be spotted by anyone else, but unless you are one of those lucky individuals that looks great grey, it heralds a future of hair colour. My advice? When the grey becomes too dominant, grab the most colourful dye you can find, and just go for it.



Alcohol Photo Credit: Darwin Bell

There is absoutely no way on earth that you can drink like you used to. Two or three drinks becomes your limit. This is a good thing for your health, but disturbing for your psyche when you realise that you have become sensible!

Are you aging before your time, or do you flatly refuse to get old? Have you noticed any of those tell-tale signs that make you realise you're not quite so young any more?

Top Photo Credit: Quissi

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I've always thought being young was a state of mind :B

I had number 5 'kids weren't like this when I was young' when I was 17 and the young 9th graders seemed so mindless, loud and childish. It doesn't really bother me since it's started so early. And my memory already sucks LOL.

sadly it isn't a state of body... anyways, the mind always wins over the body

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