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8 Things That Make You Look Older ...

By Melanie

After you graduate high school, there is hardly a moment in your life when you wish you looked older. In fact, with every year that passes by you wish you could look at least the same, if not younger. So, what are the things that might possible be doing the exact opposite? Well, here are the 8 things that in my humble opinion can make appear a couple of year older, so in case you do not want that, make sure you are not caught with any of these 8 things that make you look older!

8 Gray Hair

I know, I know, George Clooney looks so sexy with his salt and pepper hair... but most of us, unfortunately, don't grey the same way he does. This tip is for men and women alike, especially the ones that go grey in their 20's — if you notice a lot of grey, and it doesn't look good, you may want to consider highlights (to camouflage the grays) or an all-over color. If you're graying gorgeously, though, keep it! It won't make you look older... it'll make you look sexy, ala Clooney.

7 Reading Glasses

Reading GlassesPhoto Credit: Jonah G.S. This is actually one of my favorite ones if you could pull it off. There are some reading glasses out there that are seductive - I am talking thick-rimmed fashionable ones. If you would like to look a bit older AND sophisticated, then the reading glasseswould be great. However, if you are not sure the thick-rimmerd reading glasses you are wearing are on a fabulous side, and they do make you look older, then you might really try wearing contacts.

6 Huge Handbags

Huge HandbagsPhoto Credit: Couture TriniStyle Oh goodness, grandma always carried around a huge pocketbook. It makes her look so old! Definitely, avoid carrying around a handbag the size of a suitcase for as long as you can. Unless it's a fabulous Louis Vuitton or an equally stylish designer shopper bag.

5 Granny Panties

Granny PantiesPhoto Credit: iris1037Sure, who is going to see those panties? Well, sometimes, you can see lines in the back of your pants and everyone will know that you are wearing granny panties. So, at least until you are a granny, let's try to avoid those.

4 Smoking

SmokingPhoto Credit: Elisabetta SciariadaYes, yes, smoking and second hand smoke can make you look older. This is definitely something you should not take up as it is an unhealthy habit. And isn't it a little outdated? Come on, who even smokes these days?

3 Alcohol

AlcoholPhoto Credit: scragz Drinking too much alcohol will harm your skin, along with many other things in your body. I have mentioned this over and over, so by now, you girls should know this! Although, they say a glass of red wine once-twice a week could be good for your heart, if it's age-appropriate, of course. But a serious drinking habit will cause you to age prematurely, so don't do it!

2 Drinking through a Straw All the Time

Drinking through a Straw All the TimePhoto Credit: David SalafiaWhen you drink through a straw, sure, it can look seductive, but it will give the appearance of wrinkles around the lips, which do not look so seductive. Although, it'll take quite a few decades to see these lines. But who would want to risk it?

1 Harsh Skin Scrubs

Harsh Skin ScrubsPhoto Credit: Favors R Us I know that you think you are doing a good thing for your skin when you scrub it more often than one time a week. Doing this more than once a week could be followed by irritation, pimples, peeling, over-drying and as a result - premature aging and other harsh results. You should also be careful with those cosmetic products you use. Make sure they are right for your skin type and do not strip your skin off of it's natural oils that protect it from over-drying and environmental damages. Consult with a dermatologist or a beautician about the products that are best for your skin. I am sure there are plenty more things that make you look older out there, which ones bother you the most? Please, tell! Top Photo Credit: LaFeeBrune

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