7 Ways to Be Sexier Instantly ...


7 Ways to Be Sexier Instantly ...
7 Ways to Be Sexier Instantly ...

Being sexy goes beyond what you can do in the bedroom, and there are a ton of ways to be sexier instantly. A sexy woman is a woman who is confident, beautiful, happy and healthy, and makes sure she stays that way. And there are little ways to be sexier in no time! Some of them are obvious, but it never hurts to be reminded. I think that too many times people get comfortable and relaxed with each other-which is a good thing, but not when it comes to being sexy. Sweats are ok every now and then but when that becomes your routine it's time to be reminded! So here is my article on 7 ways to be sexier instantly! Keep on reading for some amazing tips!

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Bare Your Shoulders

You don't need to worry about toning them up or slimming them down. Shoulders are a lovely asset on a woman! Go ahead, be a tease and show them off! A woman's neck is another forgotten area with high sexy potential. So find some tops that show off these two areas in a great way and you'll be all ready to go!


Wear Earrings

I never leave the house without earrings. Earrings are definitely my favorite accessory and I have a large collection. Wear whatever you like, but keep in mind that wearing swingy chandelier earrings is one of the ways to be sexier instantly. The flash of metal and gemstones near your face really highlight your lovely face and says you aren't afraid of drama. Wear your hair up to really sparkle!


Perfect Fit Jeans

Here's the down low on jeans: It doesn't matter what cut, shape, or brand you get as long as they fit you nicely! A great pair of jeans will be your sexiest accessory if you let it. Find the perfect pair that suit your body type and personality and then stock up! Wearing clothes that look great on you make you feel great and that's the number one way to feel sexier instantly!


Flaunt a Tan

It doesn't matter if you happen to be as pale as ice cream. You can fake it! Find some good bronzer or self tanner and find the time to apply it. And if you DO have a sun-kissed glow, wear clothes that show off and play up that tan! Take up every opportunity you can to bask in the sunshine and soak in all that beautiful color!


Get Dressed in Order

There's an order to get dressed in? What? Yes, of course! I think the best way to be sexier instantly is to feel sexy. And so I get dressed in an order that makes me feel sexy! I always feel prettiest when my hair and makeup is done, so the first thing I put on after my underclothes, is makeup and perfume. Then I fix my hair. Finally, I put my clothes on! Now you just try that and see if it doesn't make you feel sexy!


Always Try

Don't ever, ever get to the place where you stop trying. Life can throw plenty of curve balls our way-losing loved ones, losing jobs, dealing with situations that cause stress, feeling inferior, sickness, moving away-but that doesn't mean you can give up! Yes, we all have off days, or even off weeks, but let it stop right there. Your appearance is important and says a lot about you. And even if you are in a committed relationship with someone, take the time to fix yourself up for him. Just because you've been to Walmart a thousand times doesn't mean you go in your pj's from now on does it? Same thing should apply with your man!


Give a Sexy Vibe

One of the very, very best and most effective ways to be sexier instantly is to BELIEVE you are sexy. You won't believe the impact you could have on how people perceive you if you start believing that you are sexy! That confidence is very obvious. Just be careful not to act cocky or proud. It's all in the attitude girl!

Now that you know 7 ways to be sexier instantly I bet you can't wait to go try them! Being a woman has its advantages, and one of them is that we can dress up and be sexy for no reason at all other than because we simply want to! Do you have any ways to feel sexier instantly to share with us? Please comment below and thanks for reading!

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I always do my hair after putting on my clothing because I don't want to mess it up. I don't wear make-up, but I have to be reaaaaally careful putting on clothes after applying lip gloss; I don't want the clothing to touch my lips.

"Shoulders are a lovely asset on a woman! Go ahead, be a tease and show them off! " I think this is for the only slim people, fat people like me, exposing the shoulders to see just fat.

A more subtle way of showing off your shoulders is a boat-neck tee-shirt.

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