8 Pretty Pairs of Readers ...


8 Pretty Pairs of Readers ...
8 Pretty Pairs of Readers ...

Sure, I have contact lenses for wearing every day, but at night, when I’m curled in bed with a good book, a warm cat, and a cup of tea, I want my readers. But I’m vain, and don’t want to wear readers that look like something my grandmother would wear, so I’ve been searching out a few pairs that are chic, stylish, and still comfortable to wear. Here are 8 pretty pairs of readers… only a couple of which my grandmother would even consider wearing.

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Iris Readers

Iris Readers Price: $28.00 at anthropologie.com
Choose from black and grey graphic, or classic tortoiseshell brown, either way, these pretty readers will highlight the golden flecks in your eyes, while helping you see the words that march across the page you’re reading. They’re available in three magnifications: 1.25x, 1.50x, and 2.50x.


Fine Line Readers

Fine Line Readers Price: $28.00 at anthropologie.com
I prefer a more subtle frame, so I love these! They’re made of light-weight, wafer-thin brown or navy blue plastic and acrylic, with a chic shape and sophisticated design. Choose your desired magnification from a range of five: 1.00x, 1.25x, 1.50x, 2.00x, and 2.50x.


At Lengths Readers

At Lengths Readers Price: $28.00 at anthropologie.com
These dark green or bright gold readers are thick and chunky, but incredibly chic. They’re slightly elongated, with rectangular plastic frames, and come in a range of five magnifications.


All Angles Readers

All Angles Readers Price: $38.00 at anthropologie.com
While most readers are demure and under-stated, these are a brilliant, joyful shout of color, available in cherry red, dark purple, or sunshine yellow. They feature rectangular plastic, metal, and acrylic frames, and come in five common magnifications. I love the yellow!


Paragraph Flyer Readers

Price: $58.00 at anthropologie.com
These pretty readers are obviously inspired by vintage cat’s eye frames, with a sleek modern update to the classic shape. Choose your color from raspberry red or tortoiseshell, then choose your magnification from 1.00x, 1.25x or 1.50x. These are so much fun to wear!


The Cat’s Pajamas Readers

The Cat’s Pajamas Readers Price: $38.00 at anthropologie.com
Here’s another pair of pretty readers with a cat’s eye inspired shape, with major streamlining. They’re available in two lush shades — lavender or moss — and five magnifications. They’re made of light-weight but durable plastic with polycarbonate lenses.


Jewel Berry Readers

Jewel Berry Readers Price: $28.00 at anthropologie.com
Are you an emerald green or ruby red sort of girl? Either way, these may well be your next pair of readers, with a unique curvy shape in two jewel-tone hues. The frames are made of acetate, and they measure 5½ inches across. Choose from four magnifications.


Brilliant Glasses Chain

Price: $38.00 at anthropologie.com
These aren’t readers, I know, but they’re an ideal reader accessory I just had to share! This chain is designed to loop over the ends of your readers so they can hang around our neck while not in use. It’s made of 18 karat gold-plated brass, glass beads, and elastic for the loops. I love the bright colors… I wonder if they make a matching necklace and bracelet?

Oh my gosh, I love that glasses chain… and those Cat’s Pajamas readers are so cute! Which of these reading glasses do you like best? Which do you think you might wear when you get to be as old as me? Do tell!

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I want a sexy red cat's eye reader

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