7 Brit-Lit Chick Reads I Highly Recommend ...

I admit, I love chick-lit; it's one of my favorite genres when I'm feeling blue, because something light, frothy, but unarguably chock full of deeper meaning, always makes me feel better. Without question, however, I love British chick-lit writers the best. They make me wish I was British. The first time I read books from many of these ladies, in fact, I wished I could grow up to be English. Why? Because these writers, these brilliant, wonderful authoresses are so wonderfully snarky! They have poisoned pens and silver tongues, and such a beautiful, sharp command of the language. Check out some of the Brit-lit chick reads I highly recommend, and see if you don't agree!

1. Bookends by Jane Green

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I could have put any one of Jane Green's books on here, really. I've read all of them and I love them all, even though they aren't … well, I mean, they're not literary masterpieces, you know? But that's okay, because they're highly entertaining. I chose this one specifically because it does have depth – some of it quite heartbreaking. Simon is one of my favorite characters in recent memory, I adore the fact that there is a bookstore in this, and there's actually some pretty, er … spicy scenes, shall I say? All put together, this is definitely one of the most entertaining Brit-lit chick reads I highly recommend.

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