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7 Alternative Uses for Hardback Books ...

By Alison

Do you have a preference for reading the hardback version of books? One advantage is that they are easier to hold open as you read. However, the problem is that you then end up with a lot of hardback books that you don’t want to get rid of, either because of the cost or because you might want to read them again. So I’ve put my creative mind to work, and come up with some inventive ideas for alternative uses …

1 Doorstop

After one unfortunate incident recently, when the wind blew my door shut and left me stranded on the terrace, I now make absolutely sure to block the door open with something heavy when I go outside. I have a number of particularly substantial volumes that are perfect for this purpose. No wind could possibly dislodge my Spanish dictionary.

2 Tables

Now, I wouldn’t want to do this with any valuable books, but then I don’t own any, so that’s not a problem. Large hardback books make very handy mini tables for balancing a glass or plate on. They’re level, so there’s no chance of the glass sliding off, and are great for raising a low table so the glass is at the perfect height.

3 Paperweights

When the weather is nice, I like to take advantage of the terrace and work outside. Unfortunately, as I live on the top floor, it can be somewhat windy (hence the door incident). So everything lightweight tends to get blown about. Hardback books are very useful for holding down any papers and making sure that they don’t end up flying across town.

4 Dinner Trays

Yes, I’m a bit of a slob when it comes to dining – I have a table, but I prefer to sit on the sofa while watching something on TV. This can be a bit awkward if the plate is very hot. I’ve found that hardback books make excellent dinner trays, as they are the right size and thickness, and also have a handy insulation quality.

5 Press

It’s very annoying when you get something creased that’s made of paper. How can you smooth it out? It’s worth trying putting it in the middle of a heavy hardback, or between two volumes, and leaving it overnight. Often the creases more or less iron themselves out.

6 Weapon

Hopefully this is one use for hardback books that you’ll never have to try out. My aforementioned Spanish dictionary really is a mammoth volume. I’m sure that it would take someone out if used as a weapon. It probably weighs several pounds and packs a punch like Mike Tyson.

7 Seat

To utilise a hardback book for this purpose, you need the following: a) a very large book b) a very small butt or c) both of the above. While I wouldn’t recommend using a hardback for long-term use, as they’re not exactly padded, they do make a handy perch for a short time. Seriously. That Spanish dictionary is really multi-purpose. The publishers would never have dreamed of the uses it can be put to.

Most of us have some hardback books around the house. So what do you do with yours, aside from read them – do you put them to any other uses?

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