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7 Signs Your Spouse is Cheating ...

By Melanie

Affairs are constantly causing divorce today. Affairs are stunning and the pain of one can cut you like a knife. If you choose to, you will be able to learn from the experience you go through and become an independent woman. Since I am a girl, as usual, I am going to write this from a girl's perspective. However, guys, the same can be said about husbands who are looking for signs from their wife. Below, I am going to give you 7 signs your spouse is cheating…

7 Is He Paying More Attention to Appearance?

Is your husband wearing new clothes, making sure his hair is combed and using cologne? If this is not his normal type of behavior, then this may be a big sign that he is having an affair. Look for some other clues in his actions.

6 Has He Been Picking Fights with You Lately?

This is another sign to watch for. These fights are not normal. Is he being critical of you? My friends husband would get dressed, put his shoes on and brush his teeth. This was odd, because it was at night time. Then, he would go and sit down on the couch. As she was finishing up something, he would complain that she was ignoring him, then tell her he was bored and was going to visit his friends. Then he got up and left. Later, she realized that he was picking the fight purposely so that he would have an excuse to go see his friend. Only, his friend was not really his friend, it was his lover.

5 Is He Suddenly Too Nice to You?

If he is suddenly too nice to you, then you may want to watch out. He just broguht you flowers or jewelry for no reason. Is this his normal behavior? If he is normally nice to you, then that is good. However, if he is suddenly too nice to you, then he could be trying to assuage those pangs of guilt that he has.

4 Does He Hide His Cell Phone?

This is how some divorces start. I had a friend that tried to use her husband’s cell phone. She would not give it back and he twisted her arm until she did. He knew that she would discover those calls or messages to his lover. Ask your husband if you can use his cell phone and then watch his reaction.

3 Does He Stay up Late Surfing the Web?

If he is surfing the web and every time you go to his office, he exits everything he was doing, then this is not a good sign. He could be looking at porn, having cybersex or even messaging his lover. If you know about computers, then you could easily find what your husband has been doing by looking into his browser history. There are also programs that will allow you to monitor activity on the computer and find out what is going on.

2 Does He Have a New Interest in Hanging out with the Guys?

Did your husband just start a new hobby with the guys? Are you certain that they are guys? Is he gone at certain evenings during the week? You may want to follow him or use a GPS tracker to see what he is up to. It may become obvious that the buddy is really his girlfriend, especially if he never showed an interest in hanging out with the guys before.

1 He is No Longer Interested in Having Sex

Oh no, this is not good. Did he always want to have sex in the past and then he no longer wants to have sex with you? This is a pretty big sign, especially when it is mixed with the other 6 signs that I have just given you. This is all guilty husband syndrome.

Those are 7 signs your spouse is cheating. Of course, having just one of these signs does not mean your husband is cheating. However, having all seven of these signs may be a big deal that he is cheating. Have you ever been cheated on? If so, what were some of those signs?

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