23 Signs He'll Be Good in Bed ...


23 Signs He'll Be Good in Bed ...
23 Signs He'll Be Good in Bed ...

You just know he’ll be good in bed… or do you? Yes, you've probably always told yourself that you should not judge a relationship based on the sex, but come on, who are we fooling? Sex counts! Either way we stack it, it counts. So, you’re enjoying the dating scene and you're curious to know if he’ll be any good at the deed before you actually do it. Fret not. I have come up with this reliable list of the signs that he will be good in bed. Ready? Here we go...

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He Does Not Brag

I have found that if a guy is good in bed, he does not brag about his past sexcapades. I mean, personally, I do not have any experience with this, because I have only been with one guy (the guy I married when I was 18), but from what I have read and heard from friends, I have heard that guys who are good in bed do not brag. However, those guys who are bad in bed have a tendency to brag (or shall we say wish?). If he has not bragged about any of his past conquests chances are he may have had his share of very bragworthy deeds in the past ;)


Other signs that a guy will be good in bed include being attentive to your needs, being confident, taking his time, and being willing to experiment. He should also be open to discussing his likes and dislikes and be willing to accept feedback. He should be able to read your body language and understand what you want and need. He should also be comfortable with his own body and not be afraid to show it off. Additionally, he should be able to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while in bed.


He Ties His Necktie in Five Seconds

Sure he has gorgeous manicured handsand clean nails but tell me this...Can he tie his necktie in five seconds flat? Let me tell you something, those fine motor skills are definitely a major plus! Imagine the wonderful things those fingers might be capable of..Mmm... I tell my husband that the next time he knots his tie, he needs to time himself. So if he is able to tie that tie that fast, then you may be in for a night of surprises.


This text is an example of a man displaying a skill that could be indicative of his bedroom prowess. His ability to tie a necktie in five seconds flat shows that he has fine motor skills and coordination. This could translate to other activities in the bedroom, such as being able to move his body in a way that will please his partner. In addition to this, his manicured hands and clean nails could also be a sign of his attention to detail and care for his partner's needs. This could lead to a more enjoyable experience for both parties.

Frequently asked questions

Signs might include him being attentive to your needs, having good communication skills, being confident but not arrogant, showing a willingness to learn and try new things, and being passionate and present in the moment.

Not necessarily. Being good in bed is more about how he treats you and responds to your needs, rather than how many partners he's had.

Physical signs aren't reliable indicators of sexual skill. Good sexual chemistry involves emotional connection and effective communication more than just physical attributes.

While physical fitness can contribute to stamina and strength, being good in bed also heavily relies on emotional intimacy, understanding, and caring about the partner's pleasure.

A man who kisses with attentiveness and responsiveness to his partner's cues may also be more attuned during other intimate acts, but it's not a guaranteed indicator.


That Eye Contact

Eye contact is not just an indicator that he likes you but also how good he could be in the sack. When he makes eye contact with you, how do you feel? Is it dull, shallow or very intense? When you make eye contact with a guy who is good in bed, you will have an unexplainable feeling. That eye contact will be so intense, you'll feel yourself melting. If you do not believe me on this one, try it out some day. You’ll see exactly what I mean. And trust me darling you will definitely want to make eye contact with this one in bed!


Eye contact is an important indicator of connection and intimacy. Studies have found that when people make eye contact with each other during conversation, it increases their mutual liking and understanding. Additionally, when two people make eye contact for a prolonged period of time, it can create a feeling of closeness and trust. Furthermore, research has shown that people who make more eye contact during sex are more likely to experience higher levels of arousal and satisfaction. Finally, eye contact is also a great way to communicate during sex, as it can help to convey desire, pleasure, and even consent.


His Cooking is Sloppy, but He Cleans up Nicely

To test this one, you obviously have to see him cook you a meal. When you finally succeed at making him cook (if you don’t get him in bed by then), then pay attention to how he cooks. If he cooks sloppily, don’t take it as a bad sign. Instead concentrate on how he cleans up. If he cleans up neatly, that will definitely be a sign that he is good in bed. Infact a friend and I were just discussing the same thing the other day and from her vast experience, she seems to totally believe there's a connection between the two.


There are a few other signs that can indicate someone's potential in the bedroom. For example, someone who is confident and comfortable in their own skin is likely to be more confident and comfortable in bed. Additionally, someone who is open to trying new things and experimenting is more likely to be adventurous in bed. Finally, someone who is attentive and listens to your needs is more likely to be a great partner.


What’s on His Bookshelf?

When you go to his home or apartment, what do you see on his bookshelf? Does he have a good amount of fiction? Substantial non-fiction? Hopefully, he does not have books such as “How to Get Laid Today!” If he has one of those “How to” books or anything similar to it, then he may not be good in bed. Remember girls, do not forget to look at his bookshelf! Somehowbookworms do seem better in bed. And "hot nerds" have always been my type ;)


It is important to note that there is no definitive way to determine if someone will be good in bed by simply looking at their bookshelf. Other factors such as communication, openness, and willingness to try new things all play a role in a successful sexual experience. Additionally, it is important to remember that everyone's definition of a "good" sexual experience is different, so it is important to communicate with your partner to find out what they are looking for.


When He Talks, Does He Use His Hands?

I have always been one to notice hands. And not just to check whether they are beautiful hands but to also notice how he uses them. When a guy is good in bed, he will have a tendency to talk with his hands. What is the connection between these two? When he is so expressive with his hands while talking, imagine how much more expressive he could get in bed. Maybe he is so used to using them that he doesn’t even notice he talks with them.


It is a well-known fact that body language can be a great indicator of someone's feelings and intentions. Studies have shown that people who use their hands while talking are more likely to be open to physical intimacy. People who use their hands while talking are also more likely to be confident and comfortable with themselves, which are both important qualities when it comes to being good in bed. Additionally, people who use their hands while talking tend to be more expressive and have a better understanding of their own desires, which can help them to better communicate their needs and desires in the bedroom.


He Holds the Doors Open

Men should be courteous. And stay away from men who are otherwise. Guys who are good in bed have a tendency to open doors for the girl. He will also pull the chair out for you and wait before he digs into his dinner. Basically, guys that are great in bed do not forget the concept that ladies are first. These are things that you will notice on your very first date. But beware, a lot of guys tend to be extremely well behaved on the first couple of dates and slowly deteroriate into their "real selves" as time goes by. So if you are dating someone who is consistently well mannered, you may have a catch!


In addition to being courteous and opening doors, men who are good in bed are often attentive and caring partners. They tend to be more thoughtful and sensitive to their partner's needs, and they are often willing to go the extra mile to make sure their partner is satisfied. They also tend to be more attentive and responsive during sex, and they are often willing to try new things. Furthermore, they tend to be more communicative and open to discussing their partner's desires and needs in order to ensure a pleasurable experience.


He Has a Bedroom Light Switch Dimmer

This may not be important to everyone, but most men who are good in bed have a tendency to have a bedroom light switch dimmer. Sure, if he has one of those lights that turn off when he claps, then that counts as the same thing as a dimmer. When you go into his room, make sure you take a look at the type of light he has. Bright lights are a big no no in bedas is complete darkness.


It's important to note that dimming the lights in the bedroom can help set the mood and create a more intimate atmosphere. Dim lighting can help reduce stress, making it easier to relax and enjoy the moment. It can also help those who are self-conscious or shy feel more comfortable in their own skin. Additionally, dim lighting can help create an atmosphere of romance and can even help improve physical and mental performance during sex.


He Pays Attention to Your Feelings

When he speaks with you, he pays attention to every word. He shows that he cares whether you are sad, mad, upset and of course, feeling good. When you’re happy, he’s happy. When you’re sad, he looks sad. I do not know what other girls think, but this is something my friend told me she noticed about guys who are good in bed. When a guy does not care about how you feel, then he is not going to care how you feel in bed. Does this make sense?


This is an important sign to look for when it comes to determining if a man is good in bed. It's important for a man to be attentive to his partner's feelings and emotions, both in and out of the bedroom. This shows that he is invested in the relationship and cares about his partner's satisfaction. He should be willing to listen to her needs and take them into account when making decisions about how to please her. Additionally, a man who is good in bed should be able to read his partner's body language and respond accordingly. He should be able to recognize when she is feeling uncomfortable or needs something different. This type of sensitivity and attentiveness is essential for a satisfying sexual experience.


The Way He Speaks

Some men just have it in their voice. You hear him and you know there's no way he's going to be bad in bed. That's what makeshot men like George Clooney and Gerard Butler hotter. When he speaks to you, what tone of voice does he use? Does he use a sensual voice that just screams out “I am good in bed?” Or is it dull and boring? Pay attention to the way he speaks and see if the way his talks lure you into bed.


The phrase "hot men" is often used to describe attractive and charismatic males, and George Clooney and Gerard Butler are two of the most iconic examples. Both actors are known for their good looks, charm, and ability to captivate audiences. Additionally, both Clooney and Butler have starred in a number of romantic films, further cementing their status as sex symbols. Paying attention to the tone of a man's voice can be a good indicator of his potential in the bedroom. A sensual voice can be a sign of passion and confidence, while a dull voice may indicate a lack of enthusiasm or experience. Ultimately, the way a man speaks can be an important clue as to whether he will be good in bed.


The Way He Dances

The way his body moves on the dance floor can give you some hints about how he'll move in the bedroom. Pay attention, because you'll be able to tell if he has great rhythm and how well he can move those hips. If he makes dancing look easy, he'll be great under the sheets.


When it comes to determining if a man will be good in bed, the way he moves on the dance floor can be a great indicator. Pay attention to his body movements and the rhythm of his dance. If he has great rhythm and is able to move his hips well, it could be a sign that he will be a great partner in the bedroom.

The way he moves on the dance floor can also tell you how confident he is and how comfortable he is with his body. If he looks comfortable and confident, it could be a sign that he will be confident and comfortable in the bedroom.

It's important to note that dancing isn't the only way to tell if someone will be good in bed. There are many other signs that can help you determine if someone will be a great partner in the bedroom. These signs can include how he speaks, how he touches you, and how he interacts with others.

In addition to looking at his dance moves, it's important to pay attention to how he talks about sex and how he behaves in the bedroom. If he is open and honest about his desires and is able to communicate clearly, it could be a sign that he will be a great partner in the bedroom.


How Confident is He?

You don't want to hop in bed with a man who is afraid to take his shirt off in front of you. You want to find someone with confidence, because they'll be unafraid of stripping for you and kissing you. They know they're good at what they do, so they won't hesitate to get the job done.


Confidence is key when it comes to being good in bed. A confident man is not afraid to show you what he's got and will be unafraid to take the lead. He will not be hesitant to try new things and won't be shy about expressing his desires. He will also be comfortable in his own skin, so he won't be ashamed to strip for you and kiss you passionately. A confident man will be sure of himself and his abilities, so you can trust that he will be able to give you the pleasure you deserve.


He Isn't Selfish

Does he share his dessert with you and offer to pay for the meal? You better hope so! You have to find someone who isn't selfish, because sex is a two-way street. If he's selfish when you're out at dinner, he'll be selfish in the bedroom, too. No one wants that.


A selfless partner is essential for a healthy and fulfilling relationship in and out of the bedroom. Being generous and thoughtful with his actions is a sign of respect and consideration for your needs. A partner who is willing to share his dessert and offer to pay for the meal is likely to be generous and attentive in the bedroom as well. It is important to look for signs of selflessness in a potential partner, as this is often indicative of how they will be in the bedroom. If your partner is selfish in other aspects of the relationship, it is likely that they will be selfish in the bedroom as well.


He Isn't Judgmental

Sex is an extremely intimate process, so you want to do it with someone you feel comfortable with. If he's a very openminded person, then you won't be afraid to tell him your fantasies so that they can become a reality. The more you can talk to him about, the better. Sex is all about communication, after all.


He Isn't Judgmental is an important sign that your partner will be good in bed. People who are open-minded and accepting are more likely to be able to discuss fantasies and desires openly and without judgment. This is essential for a healthy and enjoyable sex life, as communication is key in order to ensure both parties are satisfied. Having a partner who is not judgmental and is willing to explore different fantasies and desires will create a more pleasurable experience for both parties. Additionally, having a partner who is not judgmental can lead to greater trust and intimacy, making the sex even more enjoyable.


He's Adventurous

Is he willing to try new things? If he is, then he'll have plenty of different ways to please you in the bedroom. You want someone who's versatile, because change is good. You don't want to be stuck preforming the same routine day in and day out.


Yes, it's important to have an adventurous partner in the bedroom. An adventurous partner will be willing to explore different positions, activities, and techniques. They'll also be willing to experiment with different types of role play and fantasies. This can help to keep things fresh and exciting. An adventurous partner may also be more open to trying out new toys, such as vibrators and restraints. Having an adventurous partner can make sex more enjoyable and can help to keep the spark alive in a relationship.


He Gives You Compliments

Even if you're a shy kitten, you have to admit that dirty talk is attractive. If he's willing to give you compliments while you're out and about, there's a big chance that he'll continue to give those compliments in the bedroom. There's no bigger turn-on than being told you're looking fine.


Compliments are not only a great way to boost your self-confidence, but they can also be a sign that someone is interested in taking things to the next level. If a man compliments you while you're out and about, it could be a sign that he's interested in taking things to the bedroom. He may be trying to subtly let you know that he finds you attractive and wants to explore a physical relationship. Additionally, compliments can help to set the mood for a more intimate encounter. They can make you feel appreciated and desired, which can help to create a more passionate connection.


He's a Fast Learner

If he's never cooked pasta before, but picks it up right after you hand him the recipe, he's skilled at adapting to new situations. That means that he'll be able to learn what you love right away. The faster he figures out what makes you tick, the faster you'll be in bliss.


He's a fast learner in the bedroom, too. He's not afraid to try new things, and he's able to quickly pick up on what you like and don't like. He's open to learning new techniques and experimenting with different positions, which can make for an exciting and satisfying experience. He's also great at reading body language, so he knows when to slow down, speed up, or switch things up. With his fast learning skills, he'll be sure to make your time in the bedroom enjoyable and memorable.


His Kiss

You can tell a whole lot about him by the way he kisses. Does he take his time? Is he messy? Does he make sure your comfortable with every move he makes? Pay attention to these things the next time you lock lips.


Kissing is an important part of a romantic relationship and can be a great indicator of how well a person will perform in the bedroom. When kissing, pay attention to how your partner moves and if they take their time. Do they make sure you're comfortable with each move they make? Do they make sure to be gentle and respectful? All of these things can be great indicators of how well they'll perform in the bedroom. Pay attention to these things the next time you kiss to get a better idea of what to expect when it comes to intimacy.


How Often He Exercises

A fit body is nice to look at, but it's so much more. If your man exercises often, that means that he'll be able to have sex for a longer period of time. He won't get tired easy, so he'll be able to keep his body moving until you're fully pleasured.


Exercising regularly has many benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, increased strength and endurance, better sleep, and reduced stress. Regular exercise can also help to improve sexual performance. Studies have shown that men who exercise regularly have higher testosterone levels, which can lead to increased libido and stronger erections. Additionally, exercising regularly can help to improve body confidence, which can lead to increased self-esteem and better sexual performance.


How He Walks

Watch your man walk around to see how he carries himself. Does he hold his head high? Does he keep his back straight? The better his posture, the more confident he is, which means the better he is in the bedroom.


Good posture is not the only sign that a man will be good in bed. Other signs include being open-minded, having a good sense of humor, and being able to communicate effectively. A man who is confident, but not overly so, is also likely to be a better lover. He should also be considerate and respectful of his partner's needs and desires. Finally, a man who is willing to try new things and experiment with different positions and techniques can be an exciting and passionate lover.


He Can Multitask

Is it impossible for him to talk to you while watching TV or eating? If he can't multitask, he'll have trouble in the bedroom. He needs to be able to keep his hips moving, his hands moving, and his lips moving if he wants to give you everything that you need.


He needs to be able to multitask in the bedroom to be able to give his partner the pleasure they deserve. Multitasking in the bedroom involves more than just talking and watching television. It also involves being able to move his hips, hands, and lips in sync with his partner's needs. This requires a certain level of coordination and focus that can only be achieved with practice and experience. Additionally, multitasking in the bedroom can involve using props and toys to add to the experience. Being able to multitask in the bedroom can make for a more enjoyable and satisfying experience for both partners.


He Enjoys the Moment

The journey is more important than the destination, as they say. If he enjoys the little moments, then he'll be better at pleasuring you during sex, because he'll understand the importance of foreplay and taking his time to get to the big finale.


This text is emphasizing the importance of taking time to enjoy the moment during sexual activity. Foreplay is an important part of the sexual experience, and it is important to take the time to connect with your partner, build anticipation, and enjoy the moment. Foreplay can include activities such as kissing, caressing, and talking, and it is essential for creating a positive and pleasurable sexual experience. Taking the time to enjoy the moment can help create a more intimate and enjoyable experience for both partners.


He Loves You

The more he cares about you and your opinion, the harder he'll try in the bedroom. If he didn't care about you, then he would just make sure that he was satisfied and his job would be done. However, when he loves you, he'll want you to be as happy as he is.

With some of these signs, you know he’ll be good in bed. If he is not good in bed the first time, that does not mean that you should dump him. I know, I said sex does count, no matter how you stack it, but there is always room for some improvement! And besides sex does get better with communication and time...Do you have some sure shot ways to know if a guy is good in bed? Please do share!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.


This article provides readers with a list of signs that can indicate whether a partner is likely to be good in bed. It emphasizes the importance of communication and understanding in order to ensure a fulfilling sexual experience. Additionally, it is important to note that a partner’s ability in bed may not be apparent in the first encounter, but can improve over time with communication and practice. Furthermore, it is important to remember that sex is an important part of any relationship and should not be overlooked. Finally, it is important to remember to always practice safe sex and to be aware of the risks associated with unprotected sex.

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Why speculate? Find out the hard way. It takes two to make a thing go right. It takes two to make it out of sight. I diagree with the food and cleanup. If i spend two hours cooking a woman the best meal possible, that energy into making something so your taste buds will say oh my God, i would also have that 'i want to please you' in other examples of life

Please change some of your photos, esp #2 and #1. These look like children--totally inappropriate. Interesting article otherwise.

i don't brag in bed because i dont want the girl to be thinking about the other guys shes been with and bragging back lol

7. His cooking is sloppy, but he cleans up nicely. (via Twitter)

This was hilarious propaganda, though I hope it works for you. Great read!

hahai always look at a guys hands, because a persons fingers are like a little guide, and this guy in my math class is gorgussss (well i cant spell at all today) mmmmmmm and he has like adorable cuts on his hands that he gets from soccer, yummmmmmm emo guys r beast!

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