6 Signs He'll Be BAD in Bed: Find out While Your Clothes Are Still on!

Would you like to find out whether the man that you're seeing is a poor lover - while you still have your clothes on? Here are the earliest bad-in-bed signs that you need to watch out for:

6. He's a Sloppy Kisser

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For me, the first sign that a prospective beau is bad in bed is when he's a sloppy kisser, and I know this from experience.

This guy that I dated once was all nice and sweet - but he was a really bad kisser. Knowing that, I still fooled myself into believing that he deserves another chance to prove himself: in bed. You already know how the story ends - he's a worse lover than I could've ever imagined!

5. He Can't Dance

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It’s okay if your date doesn't have Fred Astaire or Justin Timberlake moves. The way that he slow dances should indicate whether he's a good lover or not.

I'm gonna go all poetic here and say that dancing is the 'vertical sublimation of desire' - and if he can’t make your world spin with a slow dance, maybe he doesn’t make love like Casanova!

4. He Devours His Food

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If he eats like there's no tomorrow, slurps on his soup, and does not know what mouth-watering meals are all about - the way that you'll get turned off with how he eats should give you a clue as to how he'll be in bed.

3. You Don't Feel Sexually Desirable when You're with Him

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When a guy treats you like dirt, mostly ignores you when you have a dinner date and makes you feel totally un-sexy when you're with him should clue you in on how bad a lover he could be.

2. He Gropes You in the Most Obvious Places

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A guy who immediately goes after your boobs and butt during a first kiss could be a greedy lover who only thinks of his pleasure in bed.

1. He Boasts, No Matter How 'subtly', about His Sexual Conquests

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A man who's all airs about his wealth, his car or his job is already a turn off for me - but it's even worse when he flaunts how great his exes supposedly think he is in bed. Gimme a break!

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