6 Signs He'll Be BAD in Bed Find out While Your Clothes Are Still on


6 Signs He'll Be BAD in Bed Find out While Your Clothes Are Still on
6 Signs He'll Be BAD in Bed Find out While Your Clothes Are Still on

Would you like to find out whether the man that you're seeing is a poor lover - while you still have your clothes on? Here are the earliest bad-in-bed signs that you need to watch out for:

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He's a Sloppy Kisser

For me, the first sign that a prospective beau is bad in bed is when he's a sloppy kisser, and I know this from experience.

This guy that I dated once was all nice and sweet - but he was a really bad kisser. Knowing that, I still fooled myself into believing that he deserves another chance to prove himself: in bed. You already know how the story ends - he's a worse lover than I could've ever imagined!


Kissing is one of the most intimate moments in a relationship, and it can be a great indication of how someone will be in bed. A sloppy kisser often lacks the finesse and sensitivity needed to make the bedroom a place of pleasure.

When it comes to kissing, there are certain techniques that can make it more enjoyable. Good kissers take their time and use their lips, tongue, and teeth in ways that make the kiss more passionate. They also pay attention to their partner’s reactions and adjust accordingly.

Unfortunately, sloppy kissers don’t always take the time to learn how to kiss properly. They tend to rush through it, not paying attention to their partner’s needs and desires. They also tend to be too aggressive and use too much tongue. This can be a huge turn off and can lead to a less than satisfactory experience in the bedroom.

In addition to being a sloppy kisser, there are other signs that someone will be bad in bed. These include being selfish, not being willing to try new things, and not being able to communicate their needs or desires.


He Can't Dance

It’s okay if your date doesn't have Fred Astaire or Justin Timberlake moves. The way that he slow dances should indicate whether he's a good lover or not.

I'm gonna go all poetic here and say that dancing is the 'vertical sublimation of desire' - and if he can’t make your world spin with a slow dance, maybe he doesn’t make love like Casanova!


He Devours His Food

If he eats like there's no tomorrow, slurps on his soup, and does not know what mouth-watering meals are all about - the way that you'll get turned off with how he eats should give you a clue as to how he'll be in bed.


You Don't Feel Sexually Desirable when You're with Him

When a guy treats you like dirt, mostly ignores you when you have a dinner date and makes you feel totally un-sexy when you're with him should clue you in on how bad a lover he could be.


He Gropes You in the Most Obvious Places

A guy who immediately goes after your boobs and butt during a first kiss could be a greedy lover who only thinks of his pleasure in bed.


This text is referring to a potentially bad sexual partner who is only interested in their own pleasure. This type of behavior is often a warning sign that the person will not be a good sexual partner.

When it comes to bed, it is important to have mutual respect and pleasure. A partner who is only focused on their own satisfaction is unlikely to be a satisfying sexual partner. This type of behavior can also be indicative of a person who is selfish and doesn't take their partner's feelings into consideration.

In addition, a person who is overly aggressive and gropes you in the most obvious places is likely to be insensitive and inconsiderate in bed. They may not take into account your feelings and desires, and instead, focus only on their own. This type of behavior can be off-putting and can make a person feel uncomfortable and disrespected.

It is important to be mindful of any warning signs that your partner may not be a great sexual partner. If they are overly aggressive and only focused on their own pleasure, it is likely that they will not be a great sexual partner. It is important to be aware of these signs and to take them into consideration before entering into a sexual relationship.


He Boasts, No Matter How 'subtly', about His Sexual Conquests

A man who's all airs about his wealth, his car or his job is already a turn off for me - but it's even worse when he flaunts how great his exes supposedly think he is in bed. Gimme a break!

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I totally agree with this article

If a guy is a sloppy kisser I stop seeing him after 1-2 dates. 1,2,3 & 4 go for my ex who made me experience the worst sex ever.

I'd say that 6 & 5 are very definite clues. The dancing part is what kills me! I am with a great guy, but the kissing kind of turns me off. I have to be in the right mood for it. It's crazy. It all comes back to his dancing though. He moves as stiffly on the floor as he does in bed. I love him, but I am definitely not satisfied when it comes to the sex part. I avoid it whenever possible. I love him, and I wish it were different... :/ I miss all the other men I've been with that have rocked my world! I've also been in relationships where, with one touch, I was ready to go! I miss those days. The only thing is that now, I get a love and an appreciation I've never had before. Maybe I'm trading in one thing for the other. I'm still trying to discover what means more to me...

Wow, now that's a rant. What are you doing Friday night?

i agree with all but one of the six. The devouring of food may not be so true. I dated this guy in the military and he ate like a "just freed hostage". But I would have to say probably ranks #1 on my "best in bed" list. So you may not want to put too much faith in that one.

Ditto! The very best lover I ever had was humble, in spite of the fact that he was gorgeous and extremely well endowed (mercy!). He was a great dancer (nearly shocking), and his kisses made my mouth tingle! He ate slowly, he was sweet and polite, he did all my laundry every week - without me asking - and he had only been with one person for 11 years before me. He left me notes on my windshield while I was at work, and brought me starbucks or flowers when he came over to pick me up(all my female co-workers drooled). I found him cute even when he was angry. And when it came time for sex...wow! He blew my mind. He was really engaged! He knew me, he knew what I liked without me having to say it. I can not say what he would do to me, since that is personal, but it was slow and sweet, hot and passionate, very spontaneous, but always thoughtful and giving. I wish I never dumped him. I miss him. :(

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