13 Signs He's Ready to Commit to You ...


13 Signs He's Ready to Commit to You ...
13 Signs He's Ready to Commit to You ...

Wondering if he’s the one? Well, if you want to be absolutely certain that you can take the next step, then here are 13 signs to look out for to check if he’s ready to commit!

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It’s out in the Open

If your partner is expressive about how much he loves you and seriously talks about how much he wants to be with you, that’s a really good sign! Lucky you! Most relationships don’t get this far! Speed Dating Expert said: When A Man Wants To Become Your Husband, He Starts Acting Like Your Husband. When a man is ready to commit — as a boyfriend or husband — you will know it because he will simply start acting in that role.


You’re Not a Secret!

By now, you know just about everyone he associates with! He doesn’t want to keep you hidde* like a nasty secret. He’s confident that you’re the one he wants to be seen with.


Availability is the Key!

No matter how many times you call him in a day, he loves talking to you. That means he is ready to invest time - no matter how much work he has! Of course, don’t go overboard with your calls!


His Plans Include YOU

When he talks to his family or friends about his weekend plans he almost always talks about you! You are a vital part of his life - and he wants the world to know it! Wee, 20 yrs old student from Malaysia, said: When he switches from "me" to "we", that's a sign he's commiting to you at a deeper level. If your guy is all "I", "me", and "my" instead of "we" and "us" in conversations after you've been dating a while, his mindset is still in single guy mode.


No Guessing about the Future

When he discusses his future goals and plans he certainly has you in mind! So if you hear him using the word ‘we’ - you know you have your man forever! If he sees a future with you, then that’s half the job done!


You’re a Couple

Well, that’s his way of finding excuses to be around you. Now if this goes on well beyond the first year of dating then you’re on safe ground! He’s really ‘into you’ and that’s good news!


Best Friends for Life

He shares his innermost secrets and thoughts with you. You’re his confidant and best friend. He trusts you with his life. When you don’t have to pry out information, then you know this guy really wants to be candid with you.


Your Interests Matter

If your man goes the extra mile to find out what you like to eat, which movie you like to see, what kind of clothes you like to wear - then he’s really interested! Let him pamper you so give in and enjoy being treated like a queen. Mate Famber said: A commitment-ready guy is going to ask your opinion, consult you about decisions he needs to make, and has the ability to meet you half-way.


He Respects Your Decisions

If you say ‘Honey I don’t like to watch football on TV’ and he respects that, then you know he respects you as well. Respecting for your partner’s decisions are vital for a steady commitment!


He is Secretly Checking Your Ring Size!

Here is the clincher! Do we need to say it? There’s definitely marriage on his mind! If he’s checking your ring size it means he will propose - very soon!


He Invites You to Family Functions

If he includes you in family holidays and other special occasions, it's probably because he sees you being around for a very long time. He wouldn't want his family getting close to you if he thought otherwise! If his family already sees you as part of the family, then a marriage might be coming soon to make it official!


He Has Married Friends

This might sound silly but you are who your friends are, right? If your man is constantly surrounded by single friends, he might not want to give up that lifestyle anytime soon. However, if his network of friends includes mostly married men, he's going to feel more comfortable making that leap himself.


He Wants to Move in Together

If your relationship is just getting to this point, it's a good sign. Nothing says commitment like wanting to share your space with someone! For many guys, moving in together is like the "dress rehearsal" before married life. Show him how awesome it'd be to have you around all the time!

So now you have it - the 13 signs that show he is truly committed. Enjoy the romance! Savour the excitement. This one’s meant to last a lifetime!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Vanessa Salles.

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I have a boyfriend and he had 2 sons with his first girlfriend. they are not yet married. Why am i always not sure of him. he shows actions that he loves me, he is not really out spoken. I don't know. we are together he's two kids are with his wife. and we are already living together. pls help

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a year and a month and we have been living together since last year august. Since that time we have been through alot of stuff together. But we have gotten through everything and we have always had each other's backs. I love him a whole lot and he says he loves me too. I really think he does. I'm suppose to be leaving the country for a while to visit my family for two months. This would be our very first time being apart from each other since we've been living together. The other day he said to me that us being apart for the two months would be good for us as I have business to take care of and he has some personal issues he needs to take care of. He also said that he knows that in his mind he is ready for our relationship but what if his heart isnt and he needs some time to think. He says he doesnt want to hurt me in any way but I have no clue if what he's sayin is good or bad. I am really lost and upset and it makes me cry and I feel somewhat hurt. Am i overreacting. I need some advice.

Hi. I would like to get some good advice. I have a qatari arab boyfirend, we have been together for 3years now. He actually dnt want to talk about future and often say we don't know what will happen tomorrow and in our future. But he respects me and love me so much. I'm jus hurt with their religous way of parental marriage as Qatari are few and they preserve what their family wants. Should I continue with him, would it be possible that he might pop up that question? Pls girls I need some point of view and advice. Thank u in advance.

she claims her friends will report her to her dad cus she promised her dad she ll nt date any guy till she done with university.i dnt get to talk to her often,she says shes studying,she sleepy ,shes late for a class,shes sick bt she says she loves me.i even help her out with some moni too.what shld i do some one tell me plz

ugh. Here is my situation: I am with my boyfriend, and have been for almost 2 years (in august). We already live together and have been talking about taking the next step. He has made it clear to me that he wants to marry me, and has recently asked me to send the appropriate information (i.e. ring size, engagement and wedding ring interests) to my best friend. I was so excited when he asked me to do this, and I have done so, under the impression that he was planning to talk to her soon about it, but he hasn't. I have been growing more and more impatient with him as the days go by and there is still no hint of him proposing. Sure, he has a list of things that he needs to do before he makes this step (talking to his parents, my parents, getting his work portfolio together, etc.), and while he is making the effort to assure me that he can be independent from his rich parents and finally take the wheel and drive his own life, the pace at which he is driving is just too slow for me. I am not saying that once we are engaged we have to get married within 2 months of it happening. We have expressed that there are many things that we plan on doing before we actually have a ceremony (get into the industry of our choice, move to another state, continue working on our relationship and strength ourselves). I have told him that I am OK with being engaged for a while (1 1/2 - 2 years)... But there is just something about knowing that the ring is on my finger... It would make me feel more secure in our relationship. It would make me feel like he he isn't all talk, and wants to show me that... Don't get me wrong, I want him to be ready... but how long am I supposed to sit around waiting for the hint that it's coming?????? What do I do? How do I feel? :/

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