15 Signs He is a Long Term Boyfriend ...


15 Signs He is a Long Term Boyfriend ...
15 Signs He is a Long Term Boyfriend ...

Not sure if he’s a long term boyfriend? Don't know how serious your relationship is? Wonder if it's going to last? Then take a look at these clear cut signs that'll tell you if he truly is a long term boyfriend!

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He Remembers the Little Things ...

Brooklyn Bridge,walkway,boardwalk,pier,dock, From exactly how you like your coffee to your desire to find another Raggedy Ann doll, he brings these things up in your conversations because he actually listens to everything you say. Not only is he paying attention, he’s also trying to find ways to realize your desires. That’s one of the key signs that he’s a long term boyfriend


He Tells You Why He Can’t Accept Cheating ...

soil,sand,road surface,rock,wall, When you have in-depth conversations about relationships, he says a lot of things that you want to hear. It’s when he talks about loyalty, however, that you really begin to appreciate him. He refers to third parties trying to interfere in the relationship as parasites and goes on and on about how unforgivable cheating is. He makes it clear that that type of betrayal is unacceptable, which puts your mind at ease.


He’s a Family Man ...

text,red,font,logo,trademark, He’s tight with his own family and cherishes his mom in a healthy way. When it comes to weekends, he’d prefer to hang out with family, rather than party up a storm with his friends. This behavior is indicative of what he foresees in his own future. A man who loves family wants to start one of his own and there’s nothing sexier than a family man.


He Makes You Laugh ...

meal,dinner,brunch,breakfast,food, It’s like any other night and the two of you are watching TV in the living room when all of a sudden, he makes a comment about what you’re watching that’s so funny, you spit out your wine. So when the passion starts to wane somewhat or you’re down in the dumps, this is the man you want to have by your side, making you laugh for all your days.


He Drops Everything when You Need Him ...

people,grass family,field,morning,sunlight, If he’s standing atop a mountain getting set to paraglide and you call, crying, and tell him that your dog just died, he’ll hop into his car and make his way to you as quickly as he can. He’s your rock, your safety net, the one you can rely on when the chips are down. When your man becomes your sanctuary, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.


He Can Make You Orgasm, in Multiples ...

human action,person,man,male,romance, You’ve been with a few guys and some were hits and some were misses, but this guy hits a grand slam every time. He’s attentive, takes his time with your body and makes you feel like you’re the sexiest woman on Earth when he makes love to you. The two of you are like a hand and a glove that fit perfectly into one another. And while some nights are gentle and sweet, others are rough and animalistic. It’s always something new when the two of you have sex.


This guy is the ideal long-term boyfriend. He is attentive, passionate, and always willing to try something new. He takes his time to make sure that you feel special and sexy, and his love-making is always memorable. He knows how to make you orgasm, and often gives you multiple orgasms.

He is the perfect mix of tenderness and aggression, which makes every night unique and exciting. He is also very romantic and knows how to make you feel appreciated and loved. He always makes sure to do something special for you, whether it’s surprising you with a thoughtful gift or taking you on a romantic date.

He is also a great listener and is always there to lend an ear and offer advice. He is supportive and understanding, and always puts your needs first. He is also reliable and dependable, which makes him a great partner for the long-term.

He is also a great communicator, which is essential for a healthy relationship. He is open and honest about his feelings, and is always willing to talk things through. He is also a great problem-solver and always looks for ways to make things better.


He’s a Strong, Protective Man ...

vehicle,bicycle,land vehicle,product,wheel, No matter the situation, he will never cower into a corner and wait for the trouble to pass. He protects you like a gentleman and puts you first every single time. Whether it’s a guy who’s harassing you at a bar or strong winds that seems to be pushing you to the ground, this guy always shows you that he’s got your back.


He’s Honest, Even when It Hurts ...

footwear,shoe,sneakers,spring,leg, Most guys will tell you they’re honest, but when it comes down to it, they’re just telling you what you want to hear because they want to avoid trouble. The honest guy is the one who tells you the truth even when it hurts. He’ll tell you that you’ve gained weight when you ask and he’ll be honest about the fact that he finds other women attractive. His intention is never to hurt you, but to help you understand that while the truth is not always a fantastic thing, it is a necessary thing.


He Prefers to Hang out with You ...

coffee,cup,drink,cappuccino,coffee cup, Given the choice of hanging out with the boys, his family, with you, or even alone, he always

wants to be around you. He not only adores you as a girlfriend, but he appreciates you as a friend. You’re someone he can confide in and be himself around without worry. He trusts you wholeheartedly and enjoys your company immensely.


He’s Always on Your Side ...

forest,ceremony,woodland,flower, You could be arguing that the world is flat with everyone you know and even though he knows you’re wrong, he will never take someone else’s side in public. When you’re out together, he’s your rock and will never make you feel alone or stupid. He will, however, let you know he disagrees with you in private (see, he’s honest). But when you’re out and about, there’s nothing you could do or say that will make you wrong in his presence.


He Wants to Spend the Holidays with You ...

clothing,road,street,fashion,spring, When he tells his parents he is starting a new holiday tradition with you and your family, you know he is ready for a commitment. He is letting go of old traditions and starting new ones with you. This is a very big step for him, so be sure to take notice!


You Become His plus One ...

pillow,furniture,organ,cushion,textile, He recently received a family member’s wedding invitation in the mail and asks you to be his plus one. This is a very big step. He is finally ready to introduce you to his extended family, even his grandma Betty, who is constantly asking him when he’s going to settle down! He could have chosen to go alone and not deal with all of the stress of everyone asking about you, but he chose to ask you to be his plus one!


He Gets Emotional …

play, That moment when he isn’t afraid to get emotional in front of you is the moment you know he is a long term boyfriend. Even if it’s just a few tears while watching “The Notebook,” showing his softer side is a sign that he wants to show you who he is, and a sign that he wants you to see all of him.


He Talks about His past ...

cutlery,spoon,tableware,hand,tool, When a guy starts to tell you about his past and shares his secrets with you, he is opening up to you and trusts that you will keep his secrets. This is a very good sign that he is ready to become your long term and even life partner.


He Surprises You ...

romance,kiss,interaction,hug, Men don’t like surprises and sometimes they forget things like birthdays and anniversaries. So when he surprises you with a weekend getaway, a gift of something you were looking at together, or even a day to the spa, he has really put thought into doing this special thing for you. So take note that he wants to do thoughtful things for you and is ready to make a commitment.

Is your guy ready to be your long term boyfriend? Have you picked up some of these signs lately?

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what if he does all these but he is also a cheater? what do you do then?

signs of a husband not a boyfriend.

Jenna, I hope he got smart, or you got smarter than him, bc Ross is right. I'm a chick and I've done it. Or he's super attracted to this other chick, and wants it out of his system without 'cheating' on you. Respect yourself enough to not take that, and if he can't respect you as much than 16 months or not, he doesn't deserve you. Good luck.

Hii :) I'm Arani, nd i'm 16 nd a bit.. nd i've got 1 massive problem..i am absolutely in love with a guy hu lives in canada.. nd i live in australia... we met over utube.. nd we've been togther for 5 munths now.. nd after i finnish highskool we're gonna meet up.. he's a realee nice guy, nd also from the same country as i am ( like heritage).. really smart, funnyy nd absolutely everythng a girl cud ask for.. but he claims he's very serios.. nd i dont know wat to believe... i mean he's ma first boyfrend but i'm his 5th.. nd even though he says - he wants to take it all the way with me .. i dunt know if i should believe him.. i'm mean its over a computer.. like a cyber relationship.. ok so've weve seent eachother photoes nd hv eavh other on facebokk but stil.. do u think i shud stop wasting ma time nd just forget him before its to lateee??!!!

sorry for the wrong spelling. autocorrect from phone.

This gave me a warm feeling from head to toe, I think its long term but can't get over the fact that I'm 8 months older than him (1988 n 1989) I feel like he's ashamed of me. 4 blissful months n still haven't met his family or friends plus he never talks about them. He's met mine once... Guess only time will tell

move on jenna.

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