15 Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend ...


15 Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend ...
15 Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend ...

Sometimes, when we talk to our boyfriends, we forget what to say. I have 15 sweet things to say to your boyfriend to break that silence. Yes, I know, these are simple things to say, but you know what – sometimes the simplest things are the words that mean the most.

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I Think You’re Special

Your boyfriend is special, isn’t he? Then tell him just how special you think he is. Remind him of why you think he is so special.


You’re the Best

He’s the best, right? Yeah, of course he is, or you wouldn’t be dating him. Remind him that you think he is the best thing in your life.


I Couldn’t Live without You

Do you remember how Bella felt when Edward left her the first time? Do you feel as if you would go numb all over if he left you? Tell him how you couldn’t live without him – this will tell him just how into him you really are.


This text is about expressing your love for your boyfriend, and telling him how much you need him in your life. It suggests that you tell him how you couldn't live without him, as this will show him how deeply you care for him. This is a great way to let him know how much you love and appreciate him. It is a reminder that he is an important part of your life and that you need him to be happy. This is a sweet and meaningful way to show your love and make him feel special.


I Love Your Style

His style is adorable, don’t you think? The way he dresses just blows you away. It makes your heart thump louder and louder every time you see him. His style is one of the first things you noticed about him when you first met, so tell him this.


You’re a Cutie

You know he’s cute! So, stop blushing, don’t be so shy and look him in the eyes to tell him that he is cute. What is it that you think is so darn cute about him? Go into descriptions on this. Do you like his hair? His eyes? His lips? The way he acts? Describe it.


You’re so Sweet

Do you think your boyfriend is sweet? Go deeper into this. Tell the boyfriend why you think he is sweet. What has he done for you that is so sweet. Do you love how he hugs you every time he sees you? Do you love his sweet smile? The look in his eyes? Tell him. Descriptions go a long way.


I Love the Way You Smell

Don’t you love the smell that the boyfriends brings into the room? Then let him know this. Guys love it when their girlfriend tells them they smell good. It’s always good that a girl recognizes a new cologne the guy is wearing.


I Love when You Kiss Me

Who doesn't love being kissed? When you really care about someone, kissing them is amazing. Let him know that you love his lips and the way they feel. If there's some specific kiss you love - the peck, the open mouth, etc., let him know! Everyone wants to know about how they kiss.


I Love Your...

Make it personal! Pick your favorite thing about him and let him know what it is. Do you love his eyes, hands, strong back, the way he makes you laugh? Whatever it is that you love about him, tell him. He'll love the compliment and if it's something he'll does he'll make sure to do it again.


I Want to Meet Your Family

OK, to be fair this could scare your guy off, but if you've been together long enough then he won't run away. This is a great way to say, I want to know more about you and I want to get closer to you. Meeting the family can be a big deal, so make sure you and your relationship are ready to take that step.


Your Friends Are Great

Does your guy have a tight group of friends? Tell him how you feel about them, if you like them that is. If there's only one specific person you like, let him know that you think that person is so funny, nice, or whatever adjective you choose. You want your guy to like your friends, well he wants the same!


Want to Watch the Game?

Sounds silly right? Think about it though, you're showing interest in something that he likes. If you're not into sports, this is a great way to show that you're taking interest in him and what he likes.


You Make Me Happy

Do you ever worry about whether or not your boyfriend is happy in your relationship? You should never have to worry about it, but it's always nice to have that reassurance. Although you may not think so, guys worry about things like this too. Let him know he's doing a good job every once in a while!


Thank You

Sounds kind of weird, huh? Well, sometimes I say this randomly to my boyfriend and it always makes him feel nice. He does a lot for him and I want him to know I appreciate it. Make sure you take time to let him know that you appreciate everything and anything he does for you.


I Love You

Of course, you should only speak these words if they are true. If you really feel that you love the guy, then you should say it. Otherwise, skip this part.

Those are 15 sweet things to say to your boyfriend. See, I didn’t pick things that are hard for you to remember, because then, when you’re talking, you’ll be trying to remember the things from my blog. Plus, if they are too long or hard to remember, you will look as if you are reciting what I told you. All of these things should feel natural. You should not say anything you do not mean. Only say it if you fully feel that way. So, do you have any sweet things you would like to share with us that does not sound corny?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lydia Sheehan.

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We (me and my Husband)were dating for 12 years since we were merely teens before tying the knot this year and I always truly loved his looks,smell,cuteness and the way he takes care of me and deal with situation.So whenever i had/have to compliment him it comes straight from the heart.

I couldn disagree more wit da ppl who don't think dis is useful. I myself hav trouble sumtimes expressing wat I feel towards my husband n dis simple lil fraces help n do show how much I care about him. Just because you haven found sumone who u feel strongly for as to say dat is not da writers fault. Ull understand wen u fall in love.

I couldn't disagree more with number 6. Saying that 'you can't live without' someone doesn't come off as sweet. It comes off as needy and unhealthy.

Nice! :) Lets love our 'him'!

Definitely for no. 6, and my personal favorite, "I feel so bless to be with you"

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