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5 Ways to Put Someone under Your Spell...

By Meream

1 Flowers

Yes, flowers. Even if you're just giving them to friends, they will be forever grateful of your great gift. Of course, the sweetness factor increases if you grow the flowers yourself.

2 Little Red Dress

Imagine wearing one for an early Christmas date. I bet your date will be saying things such as "Your wish is my command" or "Shall I conquer this little nation for you?" pretty soon.

3 Humor

The type that shows that you're not scared to make fun of yourself is always the best. If there are guys reading this, taking tips from Conan O'Brien will make girls love you even more.

4 Chocolate

Yep, chocolate can pretty much make someone love you. I mean, some girls can be picky but gimme chocolates and I'll be your slave forever.

5 a Real Spell

Of course, you can also go the magical route and literally put someone under a spell. To know more about them, check out the link.

What do you think of these methods, ladies? Are you with me on the chocolate bit?

Top Photo Credit: Brandon Christopher Warren

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