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8 Ways to Know He's a Keeper ...

By Fawn

I’m sure that at some point in just about every woman's life, there has been a guy that she's totally misjudged. You thought he was amazing and shy, but really he was a player with a massive load of game. Well, a few of us (or, me!) have had our fair share of those guys and now I pass along my wisdom to you. These are the signs that your guy is a keeper!

1 He Keeps His Word

He Keeps His WordPhoto Credit: Alice Xiao Photography

He’s not the type of guy that is going to say he shows and then doesn’t, is he? If he says he’ll call and then actually calls, he’s a guy that likes to keep his word. And there is nothing better than a guy that does what he says he’s going to.

2 He Has a Sense of Humor

He Has a Sense of HumorPhoto Credit: TeeRish

It’s always great to have a guy that can make you laugh. He doesn’t have to be the king of jokes in order to steal your heart. Just make sure that he can laugh at himself when things get funny and that he doesn’t always take life very seriously!

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3 You Have Chemistry:

You Have Chemistry:Photo Credit: Xie Kitchen

This one sounds like something pretty obvious, but a lot of people don’t realize how important chemistry is to a relationship. You have to move beyond attraction and into that strange land where things click when your eyes lock. In essence, you have to understand each other and work well together.

4 He’s Nice to His Family

He’s Nice to His FamilyPhoto Credit: Jason Stair

I’m sure that somewhere out there there is a saying floating around that goes something like “something something something if a man isn’t nice to his momma he isn’t going to be nice to you” and really, it’s the truth. If your guy isn’t nice to his family, chances are he isn’t very respectful of them. And if you can’t respect the people that raised you, you probably can’t respect the person you’re with.

5 He’s Kind to Strangers

He’s Kind to StrangersPhoto Credit: Alfie | Japanorama

If you’ve ever seen your guy stop to help an old lady lift something up the stairs, either he’s spitting game to make himself look good, or he’s genuinely a good guy. Watch how he speaks to people he doesn’t know. The best guys are the ones that are kind even when they don’t have to be.

6 He’s Willing to Compromise

He’s Willing to CompromisePhoto Credit: ****PhiNAPHantaSY

Compromise is important in any relationship. Do you have to twist your guys arm to get him to meet you in the middle? If not, that means that he’s willing to sacrifice some things for you. And you should be able to do the same thing in return.

7 He’s Nice to You, Even around His Friends

He’s Nice to You, Even around His FriendsPhoto Credit: angimangi

If your guy’s behavior changes when he’s around his friends, he’s either putting on a front for you, or putting on a front for them. Either way, you don’t want to be with a guy that can’t be himself around the people that are supposed to know him best.

8 Your Gut

Your GutPhoto Credit: Glitter N' Sparkle

It’s not the most scientific or infallible way to know that your guy is a good one, but it is pretty straightforward. If something feels off to you, there’s usually something off. Ask yourself if your guy is a keeper and if you feel comfortable enough to say that he is, then run with it!

Well ladies hopefully I’ve provided you with some insights on how to tell if your fish is one worth holding onto or throwing back into the sea. Do you have other ways to tell if you have a trophy fish or just a smelly old trout? How you can you tell when a guy is a keeper? Let me know!

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