8 Ways to Tell You Are in Love with a Boy ...


8 Ways to Tell You Are in Love with a Boy ...
8 Ways to Tell You Are in Love with a Boy ...

Growing up, I never had a problem telling if I was in love with a boy. Sure, I had “obsessions” or whatever you call it, but I never actually loved anyone, until I met my husband in 2003. I personally think the word “love” is used too much and some people don’t realize the meaning behind it. I may create a blog on this topic later, if you feel like hearing my opinion on it. Right now, I want to tell you 8 ways to tell you are in love with a boy…

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You Think about Him All the Time

You Think about Him All the Time Photo Credit: miqul

Sure, in the beginning of the relationship, you are going to think about him, but if after five months you are still thinking of him all the time, then you may be in love. If after seven months, the feeling you have for him has only grown stronger, then you are more than likely in love. When you’re not in love and it is only an “obsession,” then the feeling will start to fade after awhile.


You Think about Him in Your Future

You Think about Him in Your Future Photo Credit: dannotti

When you plan things, you always plan it where he fits in the picture. If this is not love, then I do not know what you would call it! Thinking of him and planning to have him in the future means you plan on sticking by his side.


You Respect Him

When you love someone, you respect them. You respect them for who they are. You don’t try to change him. If he likes video games, then you let him play them, if he likes race cars, then you let him watch the races. In order to love someone, you have to respect them.


His Name Comes up in a Lot of Conversations

His Name Comes up in a Lot of Conversations Photo Credit: Justin Lucarelli

Every time you are talking to a friend, you can’t help but to mention his name. Your friend might be tired of hearing you say his name! If you continue this after three months, then you might be in love. Oh yeah and you may have a friend who wishes you would stop mentioning nothing but his name!


You Love Spending Time with Him

You Love Spending Time with Him Photo Credit: thisisbrianfisher

Instead of going out with friends or going to the club, you would much more prefer sitting at home in his arms. Nothing seems to be better than spending time with him. When you love someone, you can’t seem to get enough of them! But you will still need some space…


You Talk about Marriage Together

My husband and I started talking about marriage shortly after we met. Here we are, 7 years later, still married. What more can I say? If you are talking about marriage together and you are serious about it, then you are obviously in love.


You Laugh Together

Laughter is the best thing! If the two of you never joke around, do you think you are in love? What is a partner that does not make the other laugh? Every time you are with him, you are laughing!


You Never Sit in Silence

Every time the two of you are together, you are always talking. You never sit there in silence with no words to say. It seems as if you could talk to each other all day and night.

Apart from these 8 tips, you can feel it when you are truly in love. I don’t know how to describe it, but when I met my husband, I felt something that I never felt for any guy before. I felt as if I would give up my life for him. Surely, if you are in love, you understand this. So, based on my tips, do you feel that you are in love?

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Just a comment on the last one you mentioned, "you never sit in silence"...I don't think silence is indicative of a failing or imperfect relationship. In fact, I believe quite the opposite - the ability of two people to sit in silence together without becoming uncomfortable shows a very deep level of closeness. Whether you're watching a sunset together or just lounging around in bed, words aren't always necessary. The ability to communicate feeling and love without using words is proof of a very close connection, and a very sincere kind of love.

Yea I'm a guy but me and this girl I like do all of this but she has a boyfriend she has told me she thinks about me a lot and her friend say she won't shut up about me would this mean she's in love with me because I'm in love with her.

Your right girl

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