7 Ways to Get Your Boyfriends Friends to Adore You ...

Does it ever seem like no matter how hard you try, you’ll always be “That one chick” to your boyfriend’s friends? Well, don’t take the attitude of “ I don’t care, I’m not interested in them, I’m interested in him”. Did you know that 83% of men say that excluding his friends is a relationship deal breaker? Here’s how to make sure you include his friends AND get them to adore you so that you and your man can stay together and grow even closer!

1. Think of Them as Your Own Friends

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Talk to them! Find out what they like and dislike, their hobbies and favorite sports. Don’t pretend to agree with everything they say or be fake, just have a normal conversation. Remember to still be friends with them even if your boyfriend isn’t around. If you act all sweet and loving to them only in front of your guy, they will both catch onto this and you will be in hot water!

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