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7 Ways to Get Your Boyfriends Friends to Adore You ...

By Cherith

Does it ever seem like no matter how hard you try, you’ll always be “That one chick” to your boyfriend’s friends? Well, don’t take the attitude of “ I don’t care, I’m not interested in them, I’m interested in him”. Did you know that 83% of men say that excluding his friends is a relationship deal breaker? Here’s how to make sure you include his friends AND get them to adore you so that you and your man can stay together and grow even closer!

1 Think of Them as Your Own Friends

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Talk to them! Find out what they like and dislike, their hobbies and favorite sports. Don’t pretend to agree with everything they say or be fake, just have a normal conversation. Remember to still be friends with them even if your boyfriend isn’t around. If you act all sweet and loving to them only in front of your guy, they will both catch onto this and you will be in hot water!

2 Be Nice to Your Boyfriend

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If you throw temper tantrums with your man, or walk all over him and treat him like he owes you a favor, he will tell his friends and they will not like you. You will be Cruella Devil in their mind! Your bad treatment of him will encourage his friends to badmouth you and then he may heed their advice one day and dump you! On the flip side, if you give him a reason to brag on you to all his buddies, they will all wonder what the big idea is and want to hang out with you and find out!

3 Bring on the Cookies

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You’ve heard it said, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Couldn’t be more true! There’s not a man on this planet that won’t adore you if you bake lots of goodies and treats. Have some warm brownies ready when all the guys come over to hang out and watch football, or stock up on gumdrops and licorice and have plenty of chips and little Debbie’s on hand. You handing out fresh baked cookies = you being adored by your boyfriend’s friends!

4 Don’t Hang All over Your Man

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Give him some space to breathe! If you can’t keep your hands off of him when you’re around all his dude friends, they will give him plenty of flack about it later. And you will be seen as the clingy, needy girlfriend who breathes down her boyfriend’s neck. Don’t pester him about every little text he gets or whine if he wants to watch the game for a little while. Try to be involved- but keep your tongue in your own mouth while the guys are around.

5 Don’t Say Bad Things about His Friends

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Even if it’s obvious that Bobby is overweight or Tom never put the toilet lid down when he comes over, don’t harp about it. If you drone on and on about all of your boyfriend’s pals faults, chances are he’s going to start feeling pressure to pick between you. And if he’s known his friend longer than you…there may be an issue. Try to be positive when you talk about his friends!

6 Invite Your Man’s Friends to Come along

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So a bunch of you are hanging out and you get a sudden craving for ice cream. Your boyfriend offers to take you down to the dairy queen for a cone! So invite everyone to come along, they will feel included and liked by you! The only time you shouldn’t do this is if you know your guy is planning something special just for the two of you. If it’s a date, don’t ask anyone else along!

7 Be Friendly, but Not Too Friendly

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While you should make an effort to be warm and friendly to all your boyfriends’ pals, there’s a thin line between friendly and too friendly!

If you express too much interest in one of them, he (and your boyfriend!) may start to wonder what’s up. You don’t want either one of them thinking you are interested in him. It’s never a good idea to hug or kiss any of your boyfriend’s buddies, even if it’s just to say hello or goodbye. Keep your friendly gestures short, sweet and to the point and keep physical contact out of it entirely.

See how simple it is? You only need to treat your boyfriend’s friends as you would treat your own and they will adore you! If you truly make your man happy, his friends will notice it and they will love you too. Just remember, no matter how much they love you, they will still want some one on one guy time without you hanging around so try and be understanding of that. Follow these steps and you are well on your way to being adored!!!

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