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8 Signs You Are Crushing on the Boy Next Door ...

By Melanie

Are you crushing on the boy next door? You naughty girl! Oh, don’t worry, many girls crush on the boy next door. There isn’t anything wrong with this, it can be very fun. So, if you find that you are crushing, keep crushing! You may even want to move in and see if he’s interested in you – you know, if he does not have a girlfriend. Below, I am going to give you 8 signs you are crushing on the boy next door.

8 You Watch Him through the Window

You Watch Him through the WindowPhoto Credit: Cuba Gallery

Are you being a sneaky girl and peeking at him from the window? Are you starting to use your brother’s telescope, making up excuses that you’re just watching the stars? Then this may be a sign that you’re crushing. You’re definitely interested in something he is doing.

7 You Know His Schedule

You Know His SchedulePhoto Credit:

You watch him so much that you know his schedule. You seem to know when he wakes up, when he leaves and when he comes home. I know, this one may be a bit obsessive, but when you’re crushing, it’s what a girl may do!

6 You Dream about Him

You Dream about HimPhoto Credit: Digi Butterfly

You not only dream about him, but you have hot dreams about him. After those dreams, you wake up wishing they were real! Don’t worry, if Cupid is on your side, love may be in the air.

5 You Love Talking to Him

You Love Talking to HimPhoto Credit: pattn

You make up excuses just to talk to him. You ask him if he has seen your dog when you know little Rover is inside your home. You bake cookies and take them over – just so you can talk.

4 You Talk about Him a Lot

When your girlfriends are around, you talk about the boy next door a lot. Your friends are starting to know more about the guy than he probably does about himself! Oh, you’re definitely a girl in love!

3 You Catch Yourself Sitting outside to Watch Him

You Catch Yourself Sitting outside to Watch HimPhoto Credit: klausthebest

Whenever he’s outside mowing the lawn, you decide that it’s a perfect time to go out and get a tan. You put on something that will catch his eye, rub some lotion on and lay in the sun.

2 You Write His Name down

You Write His Name downPhoto Credit: Ayumi♥Turquoise

Wait! What is written on your folder? Is that the boy's name with your name and a heart around it? Aww, that’s really cute.

1 You Feel All Warm and Fuzzy inside

Whenever someone mentions him , you see him or he speaks to you, you start to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. It just means you have a thing for him!

Could it be? Do you have a crush on the boy next door? Those are 8 signs you are crushing on the boy next door. I never had a crush on the boy next door, but I know others who did and these were their signs. Some may seem obsessive, but it’s all good. So, are you crushing on the boy next door?

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