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8 Signs You Are Finally over Your Ex ...

By Kati

So when you broke up, you would have done anything to get back together, and it felt like your heart had been put in a blender. And those first nights alone will always make you miss’s quieter than usual and you are used to having a man around, with all his strange habits. It’s completely normal to still have some feelings for your ex...but it isn’t fair to go on the hunt for a new guy until you they’ve faded away. Here are the eight signs you are definitely finally over him...

1 You Have a Crush

You Have a CrushPhoto Credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell

You’ve just realized that the man at the supermarket is actually really cute, or that the guy who delivers your newspaper is a real hottie...congratulations! Noticing and admiring other males is a sure sign that you aren’t feeling that loyalty to your ex anymore, and are moving on. Which is excellent! Enjoy crushing on as many people as possible, and don’t forget to put up posters of some gorgeous half-naked men....(well, my male friends all do it!)

2 You Don’t Need to Be Friends

You Don’t Need to Be FriendsPhoto Credit: geeo123

One of the prime reasons women like to remain friends with their exes is to keep the emotional bond in place, in some form. Once the need for the bond, and the man, have gone, the need to be friends tends to disappear as well, although this might start again at a much later date. In general, it’s better to cut him off completely, and let yourself heal. And once you can accept this, and put it into practise without missing him at all? You’ve over him!


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3 You’ve Stopped Watching Slush

You’ve Stopped Watching SlushPhoto Credit: john_a_ward

You’ve returned all the slushy films you rented just after the break up, like Titanic, Love Actually and The Notebook, and are now renting empowering, sexy films, like Charlies’ Angels. Not feeling like a victim anymore is a great indication that you aren’t hurting, and you are ready to move on. And nothing makes you feel better then watching women kick ass!

4 You’ve Had the Epiphany

You’ve Had the EpiphanyPhoto Credit: mang M

It can happen anywhere. You can be out walking, or with friends, or having a coffee, and suddenly you start to smile, and realize that you’ve had it. The epiphany has come. It really is his loss, and not yours, and you’ll find someone whose much better anyway. It’s an amazing, and very beautiful, moment, and from then on you can be certain that it’s over.

5 You Can Delete His Texts

You Can Delete His TextsPhoto Credit: Eduard Titov

Whether its accidental or intentional, once you’ve found that you can delete his texts and emails (even the ones where he declares his undying love for you and names your ten children and three dogs) then you know you are free. It can be very difficult to do this, but it is a sign of moving on...especially if you have a limited inbox! If you think it’s taking too long to get to this stage, get some comfort food and magazines, and set your phone to delete it’s whole inbox. Then wallow, if you need too, and get over it. You’ll feel so, so much better afterwards!

6 He is Annoying

He is AnnoyingPhoto Credit: chronologie2

Suddenly, the way he clips his toe nails onto the kitchen table isn’t quirky, it’s downright annoying. And the way he clears his throat? Ew. When those traits that you are oh-so-used-to suddenly become less then pleasant, you’ve lost the rose tinted glasses! But if he really clips his toe nails onto the table, you probably should replace your table. Yuck!

7 You Don’t Understand

You Don’t UnderstandPhoto Credit: roger reyes

If those songs about break ups and pain (Think Avril Lavigne, or old-school ballads) suddenly don’t make sense to you anymore, it’s a great sign. I mean, everyone has sympathy with people going through a break up, but when you can completely relate to Avril? You’ve got it bad!

8 You Stop Wanting Him Back

You Stop Wanting Him BackPhoto Credit: AehoHikaruki

That dream about him coming running back? You don’t have it anymore. Nor do you keep your phone with you at all times, in case he wants to come home, or consider leaving the front door open in case he has lost his key. And you don’t cook for two anymore, on the off chance he’ll come home. Not because you don’t believe he will, although that is often a painful realization, but because you don’t want him too.

If you can read this list and agree with them all, then you are over him! And it’s about time you got back out there and started enjoying the great men that we have...why waste time moping over one, when there are so many others?! And whether you are jumping back into dating or just being an observer, time is a fantastic healer, and you are now proof of that! Have you got a tip on how to tell if you are over him for good? Please let me know!

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