10 Signs Your Best Friend is Turning into a Frenemy ...

By Jelena

10 Signs Your Best Friend is Turning into a Frenemy ...

You two used to be like sisters. She was the keeper of your dark little secrets, the shoulder you could cry on, your missing piece and your favorite shopping pal. But lately, things have changed and you just don’t know, is she a friend or an enemy? Here are 10 signs your bestie is becoming your frenemy...

1 She Doesn’t Look Too Happy when Something Good is Happening to You

She Doesn’t Look Too Happy when Something Good is Happening to You Photo Credit: mscaprikell

That hot guy is totally into you, you finally got promoted or you have just passed an incredibly hard exam and you can't wait to share the great news with your best friend! Only, she doesn’t look or sound too happy about it… She mumbles something like “Mhm... Great… That’s nice…” and continues the usual chit-chat like nothing happened. Hello! What happened to “Wow! That’s great honey! I knew you can do it!” ?

2 Your Conversations Turned into Her Monologues

Your Conversations Turned into Her Monologues Photo Credit: Mohamad ShoOx

It used to be so simple – if you have news, I’m the one that is listening, and if I have something to say, you, my dear BFF, are expected to listen. If your BFF’s definition of friendship is, “me and my faithful listener,” get her a new dictionary or, if that doesn’t help, get her a pocket mirror! That way she will always have somebody to talk to.

3 Bitter-sweet Comments

Bitter-sweet Comments Photo Credit: Rev Dan Catt

Don’t fall for the “sweet talk” sisters! If she says, “I could never imagine myself wearing those shoes, but they look great on you,” she is not giving you a compliment!

4 Slacking off on Your Birthday Presents

Slacking off on Your Birthday Presents Photo Credit: Cláudia*~Assad

Your best friend knows what you like and dislike, she knows your style, your favorite colors, hobbies, books and poems you adore. So picking a birthday present for you would be a piece of cake even if she was strapped for cash because you don’t expect an expensive but a creative and personal gift. However, this year, you’ve got a hideous thing from a dollar store and you could just swear she picked that up on her way to your house…

5 Being Extra Nice to Your Boyfriend

Being Extra Nice to Your Boyfriend Photo Credit: wakalani

I’m really not a jealous person and I completely love the fact that all my girls treat my significant other like a part of our crew, but there is a certain line that is not supposed to be crossed! When she starts emphasizing how she absolutely looovees your boyfriend, how he’s so cool, how they share the same taste in music or how he’s the only decent guy you’ve had in years – it’s time to wake up and smell the onions!

6 She Suddenly Likes Your Favorite Colors, Etc

She Suddenly Likes Your Favorite Colors, Etc Photo Credit: lemuelinchrist

Up until some time ago, she claimed she wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing your favorite color but now she seems to be the biggest fan of it. When you say you are planning to buy certain shoes, she buys them the next day and pretends she never heard you say that. What's going on?

7 She Takes Credits for Your Ideas

You gave her a good advice because you love her and you want to see her happy and now, when things are exactly the way you predicted they would be, she says: “You see? I can’t believe how smart I am.” Now, I sincerely hope you don’t work in the same company because, if you do, she could be the one stealing your idea and getting your promotion.

8 She Enjoys “putting Salt on Your Bleeding Wounds”

If your best pal invites you to go shopping with her only when she knows you are completely broke, talks about how happy she is every time you have problems or comments how you put on some weight just when you’ve mentioned your diet is giving amazing results – RUN! Frenemy!

9 She is Trying to Make Fun of You in Front of Other People

She is Trying to Make Fun of You in Front of Other People Photo Credit: Nina Matthews Photography

Making fun of others is just not cool, especially if that other person is your best friend! So don’t try to look past this thinking that she just has a bad sense of humor. Ok, maybe your friend really doesn’t know how to make a good joke but if she, for example, knows you are wearing pants today because you didn’t have time to wax your legs, she has no right to abuse that information! You see, in her eyes, you are the big tree that everybody admires and chopping you down means she will finally get all the light for herself.

10 Doesn’t Matter What It is, but Her’s is Always Bigger

Doesn’t Matter What It is, but Her’s is Always Bigger Photo Credit: TheBusyBrain

If you had a great time, she always had a better time than you so, you have to listen while she recounts every single unimportant detail of it. If you have a problem, she has three and they are, of course, much bigger than yours so “It’s easy for you to say…” She is being selfsh and may not be a friend at all!

Unbelievably, my “best” friend did all this and still had the nerve to get mad at me for not choosing her as my maid of honor! What about yours? Is she a friend or a foe? How do you know?

Top Photo Credit: k-ko

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i have a frenemy right now but im slowly taking her out of my life...i dont text her anymore and i dont say hi to her on FB anymore...she's been a frenemy since college and I sensed it but ignored the signs because she was so great to hang out with...she is r a bitch making fun of me embarrasing me infront of other people so she'd feel good about herself and whenever im with her i feel bad about myself coz of the things she says...its not good having a frenemy they can make your life miserable and make you feel unhappy...get rid of the bitch NOW...dont be in denial...

Oh shoot. This topic is something I never thought of until recently; I was just wondering about how to know...sadly I think this doesn't just describe my bff but mostly myself! Not cool :(

Oh goodness! I remember my friend Anna B. She used to be bad! We were in high school when it began. Out of nowhere she began bugging me about my looks, my mannerisms, anything she thought was "too proper". I cannot help it if that was the way I was raised! I am proper, at least I try to be. It runs in the family I like to say. Well, she got angry one day because of it and pummeled me with question after question. I did my best to answer. It ended though a week later and she left the group to go spend time with the "In Crowd". Those that parade around like they are something special. Oh well. I came across this article this morning, and cannot believe how much it sounded just like her and then some! Thank goodness I have my friends! Betty & Stephen and their daughter Arabella, Kevin & Rabecka, and Toby and Nikki are some of the greatest friends a person could have. We laugh and have fun. Betty hosts good clean parties, and we all spend time out together at theme parks, at nature parks, or just walking around town on a nice day. Thank you for recognizing the signs and putting them out there for others to see. I have recommended this article to my friends in hopes that they learn to recognize a Frienemy before it gets to a bad point in their friendship.

Good article, you nailed the signs truely.

I finally let go. Let me tell you it feels so liberating. I sent her a simple email. I will paste it here for anyone who wishes to use it and add their own words if they can't think of anything. "I am going to just come right out and say it. I believe, in the long-term scheme of things, that our friendship is basically over. I think it has been for some time. Looking back on it, it has been oh so obvious. Think about it. After a while we started talking to one another, I mean really talking, less and less. Our lives got busier, we found new friends. We've both had our share of problems with one another, no one can deny that. We barely have anything to say to each other anymore. Some friendships just weren't meant to last forever. I think it's in our best interests to just call it quits. I just can't hold on to something that's no longer there. I would like to say however that it has been a pleasure knowing you." Feel free to use this if you need it. I feel that the simpler, and to the point the message is, the better. My husband is next to delete her from his friends list. When he gets home from work. But hey, now I can get healthy and loose the weight I have been wanting to. She used to hold me back all the time with negativity and offering me fatty sugary foods. (She's a big girl with health issues.) While im trying to better myself she's trying to drag me down. No more. Its time for a new life.

If I can relate to at least five points in this article, should I face the truth?! My frenemy is a sister in law. She was great for a while, but it started becoming apparent to me she was being so fake! Everything I did she would have to come back with something bigger and better she has done. Or the other major factor is she can't stop talking about herself. It's draining. Everything will come back to her. It's all a competition.. My real friends do not do this! Also she brags a lot 'oh I went out and all the me. In the bar were looking at me, girls say I'm so pretty. What the hell is that about?! Is she big headed or insecure! I can't make up my mind. All I know is I am going to start keeping her at a distance as she is toxic.

Sounds like my "ex" best friend

I had a frenemy back when I was in highschool. Cut her out and never looked back. Life is too short to be hanging around people like that.

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