7 Signs You Are with a Mama's Boy ...


7 Signs You Are with a Mama's Boy ...
7 Signs You Are with a Mama's Boy ...

I’ve never been able to successfully settle down with a guy who was considered to be a Mama’s Boy. The men I knew who fell under this title were very hard to deal with. I found them each extremely irritating and often in more ways than one. Here are 7 signs you are with a Mama’s Boy. I’m not saying you should run in the other direction, but it is good to know what you have in store for you.

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He is Always out Looking for Something for His Mom when You Two Go Shopping

Talk about annoying. Here’s the scenario: You’re out shopping with your man and he constantly comments on how particular items would be perfect for his mom. He does this in every store and with just about everything he sees. I understand if he’s trying to drop the hint that mom’s birthday is coming soon and he needs to buy her a gift. But, each time you go shopping?


When You Two Fight, He Runs to Mom

Not to be stereotypical, but it’s usually the woman who heads home or to a friend’s house when a love spat ensues. You might have a Mama’s Boy on your hands if your guy is always running to his mom when things don’t go his way. I have a friend whose ex-husband did this constantly. He would not only run to his mom when things weren’t the way he though they should be, but he would threaten to tell his mom when my friend did something that made him angry.


He Does Everything She Tells Him to do

If your guy isn’t capable of thinking for himself and he has to rely on his mother to tell him every move to make, then this could be a sign that he’s a true Mama’s Boy. Some mothers try to talk their son’s into doing things that they approve of and I know guys who feel obligatory to do whatever their mother tells them. However, there comes a time when a man should act like an adult and have a mind of his own.


Your Man and His Mom Go on Extended Holidays Together

This is such a weird one. I actually know a guy who would take a week long vacation with his mom each year. Even his dad didn’t go along. I always thought it was rather strange. He was a friend of a friend, so I didn’t feel comfortable asking him what was up with this situation.


He Won’t Move out of His Mom’s House

Dating a guy who lives with his mom because he doesn’t have anywhere else to go only gets awkward when he actually refuses to move out of her basement. I’m afraid I’d have to say good-bye to a man who wasn’t willing to cut the apron strings to further our relationship. I’ve had a few guy friends who have had to move back home while changing jobs or relocating, but they very rarely decide to live at home forever.


He Calls His Mom Every Day

Keeping in touch with family is important, even I agree with that one, but there is a difference between staying connected and clinging onto. Sometimes it isn’t the son who calls his mom every day. There are some mothers who just can’t let go of their little boys and feel compelled to check up on them daily. A Mama’s Boy won’t tell his mom to quit calling so much. He’ll take the calls and text messages and even the voicemail messages without complaining at all.


A Move Isn’t Made Unless Your Man Calls Mama First

Asking a parent’s opinion on a major decision you are about to make is reasonable thing to do. But, if your guy needs to call his mom to ask her a question about a decision that involves only the two of you, then this could be a sign that he hasn’t truly become his own person yet.

These 7 signs you are with a Mama’s Boy are just the ones I can recall that I have encountered in the past. I’m sure there are plenty more that could be added to this list. Can you think of any signs you’ve come across with guys you’ve dated or known? Have you suddenly realized you’re married to a Mama’s Boy?

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Omg it's nice to be close your mom however!!! A boy needs to grow up and become a man and think for himself!

Loving someone and depending entirely on them are two different things same with loving your mom and being a mama's boy.

you gotta watch this episode on the tyra banks show talking about mama's boys...and many of your points up there were in that show...

Bah - I don't do any of that stuff and I'm probably considered a Mama's boy. You're missing a point: You want a Mama's boy. A guy who doesn't respect and love his mother won't respect you if you become the mother of his kids. You just don't want a little sissy. The two are not inextricably linked.

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