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8 Signs She's Not a Cheater ...

By Melanie

There are so many blogs out there full of “signs she is a cheater and signs he is a cheater.” I figured that we need to have a blog of 8 signs she’s not a cheater. You know, because there are people, like myself, out there that do not cheat. When I type in “signs she’s not a cheater” in Google, do you know what I come up with? Signs she is a cheater. So, let’s make this one special …

8 Sex Life is Good

Face it, your sex life is good. If it were dull and no exciting or you didn’t have one at all, then I would understand if you thought she was cheating. However, your sex life is just as good as it was yesterday and the day before – no wait, it’s better!

7 Loves Cooking You Dinner

Come on, if she didn’t like you and was cheating, then she would not enjoy slaving over the stove just to see a big smile on your face. She knows the saying that a way to a guys heart is through his food.

6 Loves Being around You

If a girl loves being around you, then it is safe to assume that she is not cheating. However, if she gets aggravated at the mere sight of you, then of course, this would not be a great sign.

5 Is Not Secretive and Gives You Her Passwords

Is Not Secretive and Gives You Her PasswordsI write my passwords down in the same folder my husband writes his passwords down. So, if he wanted to access my stuff (and vice versa), he could easily do it. I have nothing to hide and I am not secretive in that manner. If the girl is not secretive and does not hide phone calls from you, then she’s not cheating.

Ways to find out if she is cheating.

4 Spends a Lot of Time at Home

Okay, if the girl spends a lot of time at home, then how could she be cheating? She always seems to answer her phone when you call her. If you had a hard time getting a hold of her, then that would not be a good sign.

3 Does Not Have Guy Friends

Sure, girls can have guy friends, but she isn’t going out with those guy friends at every chance she gets and you are always around when those guys are around. Come to think of it, her guy friends are your guy friends. She does not have a desire to have any other guy friends that you do not know.

2 Work Habits Stay the Same

Work Habits Stay the SameImage source:

Her work habits remain the same. If she were cheating, then those work habits would start to change and she would be working at different hours. Take note that if she works in a medical field, then her schedule may change out of nowhere.

1 She Loves You

Pink, Green, Purple, Beauty, Wall,When you feel that she loves you and you can see that she loves you no just in the words she speaks, but in the action she takes, then she is probably not cheating. Face it, when someone is cheating, it’s hard to feel the love, even if you don’t know they are cheating.

Those are 8 signs she’s not a cheater. If you are being cheated on, then it is not worth sticking around – you deserve someone who will respect you. So, what do you think your girlfriend/wife is doing? Cheater or not?

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