7 Signs You Are a High Maintenance Girlfriend ...


7 Signs You Are a High Maintenance Girlfriend ...
7 Signs You Are a High Maintenance Girlfriend ...

You might think of yourself as a fairly easy-going person, but to your friends and family members you might be thought of as being high maintenance. Here are 7 signs you are a high maintenance girlfriend. It’s always helpful to ask your man what he things too and hopefully he’ll be honest! Some guys don’t mind high maintenance women, while others are driven away by them. It might be a good idea to find out what type of girl your man prefers.

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Anything Less than the Best Just Won't do

Anything Less than the Best Just Won't do Photo Credit: Carlee Ross

Clean cars, fancy hotels, expensive restaurants, etc are the only kind you’ll accept. No used furniture or clothing for you! You wouldn’t be caught dead in a thrift store or second hand store of any kind, no matter what part of the neighborhood it was in. You’re all about name-dropping, so well known products and places are a must.


This paragraph highlights the high standards and expectations of a high maintenance girlfriend. Not only does she demand the best in material possessions, but she also prioritizes name-brand items and well-known locations. This behavior can often stem from a desire to be seen as elite and superior to others. Additionally, high maintenance girlfriends may have a fear of being associated with anything that is not considered high class or luxurious. This mindset can lead to excessive spending and a constant need for validation through material possessions. Ultimately, these behaviors can put a strain on relationships and create a superficial and materialistic dynamic.


No Hair Can Be out of Place

No Hair Can Be out of Place Photo Credit: Rafee H.

Are you one of those girlfriends that have to go to the hair salon before every social event? Do you spend more time and money on your hair than the rest of the women in your family combined? Most high maintenance women can’t simply put their hair up in a pony tail or messy bun and head out the door. Hair styling is a huge process and takes sometimes hours to complete.


Manicures and Pedicures Are Set for Each Month

Manicures and Pedicures Are Set for Each Month Photo Credit: danipanda69

The occasional manicure or pedicure is necessary to keep nails from becoming cracked, broken, or looking rough in general. If you schedule pedicures and manicures weekly, then you might be considered high maintenance. Changing your nail color for each outfit might be a bit excessive as well. See if you can find a nice neutral color that will eliminate a few trips to get your nails done. It will save you time and money!


Clothing is Only Wearable when It Has a Specific Label Attached to It

Clothing is Only Wearable when It Has a Specific Label Attached to It Photo Credit: Kumiko Ai

One of my friends is a complete label fiend. There are basically three brands of clothing she will wear and all the rest are considered rags to her. I often wonder if I had a way to apply labels from one of her favored brand names to a bunch of nice clothes I purchased at the thrift store, if I could fool her. She might actually have so many outfits that she knows the style by heart, so it probably wouldn’t work. There are a lot of great clothes out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg to own.


No Substitutions Can Be Accepted

No Substitutions Can Be Accepted Photo Credit: alexbabs1

This mostly goes for clothing and accessories. There are so many companies who pride themselves on creating excellent replicas of some of the most expensive brands on today’s market. However, a high maintenance girl is able to spot a fake a mile away. You probably have to have the real thing or nothing at all, right? Um, this would be considered the attitude of a high maintenance gal.


Pampering is a Daily Necessity

Pampering is a Daily Necessity Photo Credit: ::pascal:: (med school>>>flickr *sigh*)

I’m not saying it’s a negative attribute to want to be pampered or to indulge in pampering of oneself, but there does come a time when it is a bit excessive. Pampering can easily be taken too far; daily trips to the spa for a massage, facial, body scrub, and a sauna session might be a bit much. If you lead an extremely hectic life or have a high-stress job, then this type of pampering might be necessary for good mental and physical health to be maintained. When this type of pampering is done for the fun of it or just because you can afford it, then it is a bit much.


Social Events Are Only Worth Going to if Somebody Important is Going to Be There

Social Events Are Only Worth Going to if Somebody Important is Going to Be There Photo Credit: Kumiko Ai

I’ve seen movies where people only attend social gatherings if celebrities are going to be at the event. These individuals are attending these shindigs for the pure enjoyment of being able to name-drop later, not because they were truly interested in what was going on. I’m sure there are some women who will go just because their boyfriend invited them, regardless of the fact that famous people will be hanging out as well. The status-seekers are definitely more of the high maintenance type.

I now many women who show at least some of these signs. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a high maintenance person, which is probably why I don’t have many friends that are either. I feel these 7 signs you are a high maintenance girlfriend are merely suggestions that you could possibly considered to be high maintenance by someone, not that you are for sure. Do you feel you are high maintenance? Why do you feel this way?

Top Photo Credit: *M-C1*

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