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7 Ways to Know You're with the Right Guy ...

By Fawn

You've started dating a new guy, and so far everything is going great. Everything is moving forward at a nice pace and you're pretty sure that this is the guy for you. Here are some signs that should really cement that he's the one for you!

1 He Makes You Happy

He Makes You HappyPhoto Credit: moriza

You're not fighting, and even when you do, the good outweighs the bad. He makes you smile. Even the small things he does are completely and totally adorable and make you happy all day long. Let him make you happy... he's the guy for you!

2 You Trust Him

You Trust HimPhoto Credit: jagg.girl

He's never given you a reason not to trust him and so, even though you're not very trusting, you trust him a lot. Embrace that feeling. If you can trust him you're doing better than most people in their relationships.


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3 You Feel Involved in His Life

You Feel Involved in His LifePhoto Credit: chrismaverick

Your guy has no problem telling you all about himself, he's opened up and he's introduced you to his friends and family. This is a big step. Introducing you to the people that are important to him really opens the door to making you feel like you're a part of his life!

4 You Can Compromise

You Can CompromisePhoto Credit: Jim Boud

Compromise is very important for relationships that are going to last. You can't agree on everything all the time but what's important is that you can compromise on the things that you don't agree on. Compromise means that you can both communicate your wants and find a happy medium in between the two.

5 You Can Talk to Him

You Can Talk to HimPhoto Credit: -Rodrigo Vargas-

Ah communication, everyone preaches its importance but it really is the key to any healthy relationship. And although it's great you can talk to your guy about the big things or the problems that you're having it's also very important that you can talk about nothing and express the random thoughts that run through your head.

6 You Make Decisions Together

You Make Decisions TogetherPhoto Credit: sam b-r

In a relationship no big decision should be made alone. You and your guy both need to open up and let the other person into your life. That means that decisions that used to be solely yours are going to become mutual. Although the final decision may be yours, it's important to allow the other person into the process.

7 You See a Future

You See a FuturePhoto Credit: André Pipa

This is very important. No relationship is going to last if you can't see it getting beyond a certain point. This doesn't mean you should see yourself marrying every guy that you're with but you should be able to see things getting beyond the early dating stages.

Alright ladies I've given you the tools to tell if the man that you're with is THE man you should stick with. But I have a feeling that if you're with the right guy you can tell. Call it a woman sense! Any other questions or signs to add to the list? Any stories about you're guy? Let me know down below!

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