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10 Signs You Are Dating the Guy of Your Dreams ...

By Aprille

Are you dating the guy of your dreams or are you not dating the guy of your dreams? Surely, there is a way that you can tell, right? I have been married, divorced – married and divorced again for a total of two times, so you may think that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I guess I just rushed into marriage on a total of two occasions, but do not plan on doing it again. Okay, so get ready for 10 signs you are dating the guy of your dreams!

10 The Way He Stares at You

The Way He Stares at YouPhoto Credit: arodazi

Surely, he is not staring at you in that loving way because he is just trying to get into your pants, right? Guys have a certain look in their eyes that can lead to the truth. Do you see that loving gleam in his eyes?

9 You See Him in the Future

You See Him in the FuturePhoto Credit: //bwr

When you plan out future events, such as attending parties in the future, do you make plans for him to be there too? If so, then this shows that you want him in the future and just maybe he may be the one of your dreams.

8 You Dream about Him at Night

You Dream about Him at NightPhoto Credit: Honey Pie!

Oh yeah, surely, if you dream about him at night, then he is the man of your dreams! Right? I dream about a lot of guys every night, so this might not help me with my decisions!

7 You Can See Yourself Having Kids with Him

You Can See Yourself Having Kids with HimPhoto Credit: Digi Butterfly

I couldn’t see myself having kids with anyone, until I fell in love. Yeah, but I fell right out of love, didn’t I? Anyhow, if you can vision yourself raising a family with him, then he more than likely is the man of your dreams.

6 You Can Watch Him Forever

You Can Watch Him ForeverPhoto Credit: laurenlemon

When he walks past you, all you do is watch. When he sits in front of you, you are still watching him. Girl, you either have a problem, are mesmerized by him or you are in love.

5 You Want to Kiss Him Forever

You Want to Kiss Him ForeverPhoto Credit: neloqua

When you kiss him, you do not want to stop kissing him. You feel as if you could just lock your lips with his lips forever. You do not want to let go of him.

4 You Can’t Get Enough of Him

You Can’t Get Enough of HimPhoto Credit: Duy's Photo Shoots

When he says bye to you every night, you try to think of reasons to keep him there. You wish that things would move in slow motion, because you do not want him to leave. You feel that when he leaves, your world crashes down and you go into darkness.

3 You Talk about Him

You Talk about HimPhoto Credit: Desirée Delgado

Do you have friends that you talk about the guy to? What do they say about him? Do they think that the two of you make the perfect couple? Surely, that right there makes you smile. You can’t stop talking about him.

2 Your Hands Fit Perfectly Together

Your Hands Fit Perfectly TogetherPhoto Credit: meggglecakes

When you hold hands, it feels as if they are meant to be. Your hands fit perfectly together without any mistakes in between. That is the way love is supposed to feel.

1 You Say He is the Man of Your Dreams

You Say He is the Man of Your DreamsPhoto Credit: Ben Heine

Surely, you will not lie to yourself. If you say he is the man of your dreams, then maybe he is. However, you cannot determine this solely by looks. You have to get to know him first before you do this.

So, what do you say? Is the man you have been obsessing over truly the man of your dreams? Do you vision spending all of eternity with him? Do you feel that you are in love?

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