8 Signs You Are Too Good for Him ...


8 Signs You Are Too Good for Him ...
8 Signs You Are Too Good for Him ...

Have you ever had a boyfriend your friends couldn’t stand, or met a friend's new guy and been shocked at how much you dislike him? I’m always shocked when I see gorgeous, friendly and quite frankly amazing women with less-than-desirable guys; surely they know they could do so much better! Well, apparently not, and we all know how hard it is to talk to friends about their partners, so I’ve devised 8 signs you are too good for him... the more you match, the faster you should ditch him. Problem solved!

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He’s Dated Your Friends

Okay, so recycling is good. But when he’s dated your sister, your best friend and that girl you used to work with, he isn’t worth recycling. Let's face it, when you want to complain about your guy, you don’t really want to hear “Yeah, he used to do that to me, too.” And when he forgets your birthday? A list of what he got her isn’t going to help. Save yourself the hassle!


Football Obsessed

There is nothing wrong with liking sports. In fact, I really look forward to watching football with my boyfriend, and really miss it when the season is over! There are limits, though. If his team wins, everything is great, but if they lose... well, he’ll sulk all weekend, grieve like someone has died and get into fights. Umm... no.


He Won’t Pay for Anything

Every couple deals with finance differently. Some couples go halves, some pool funds... whatever you decide, though, you should both be making equal-ish contributions. If you find that you are paying for everything, its time for a serious talk. After all, the only thing worse than being taken for a mug is losing all your money while you are at it.


His Porn

Okay, so some people will argue that every man has porn (and that’s a debate for another time!) but when his porn collection rivals Blockbuster, it’s time to have words. After all, no man needs that much, especially when he has a sexy girlfriend, right?


His House

So he’s 32, and he lives at home. Don’t feel too sorry for him, though, he hasn’t lost his job. He simply prefers buying porn, beer and video games to ‘boring’ things like bills. The added nightmare? If you ever do manage to convince him to move out, he’ll expect you to do EVERYTHING. After all, Mummy always did!


His Job

It doesn’t really matter what he does, as long as he can live off his income, it's a secure job and he makes an effort with it. But when he hasn’t got a job, you have to start wondering why. Most people start working at around 20, if not much younger, and slowly build up a career they are proud of, so if he spends all his time watching TV while you work, it's time to kick him to the curb.


Relationship Status

So you’ve had the talk, and decided to become exclusive. So why does his Facebook still say "single"? And why is he so against you meeting his family? A best friend of mine once dated a guy who recorded her in his phone book under a man’s name! If he’s keeping you a secret, it's time to find out why... He’s either got something to hide, or he will have soon.



He’ll pay you back! But first he needs to borrow a little more, and then a tiny bit extra, and his risk hasn’t quite paid off yet, don’t worry he’s got a new idea, you’ll get it back with interest! If your money seems to be disappearing into an endless hole with his name, and none of it is coming back, you need to look hard at what he is giving to your relationship.

Mark yourself off against this list, and see how you score. It can be hard to have an objective view of something you are emotionally involved with, but if reading these is like reading your diary, then it might be time to upgrade to a better model. After all, you deserve it! Do you know a sign that shows you are too good for him? Please let me know!

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Good idea for a post. I'm liking your blog! :)

well its official im too good for him. I always thought it but now i know it. 3yrs and never met his ppls, He never works and the 3weeks he did work he saved his money to do lord knows what with it while i brought him the things he needed and wanted. Plus im always "LOANING" him money and never get a dime back. were only 20 so i guess him still living with his mother is okat this age. I even moved back in with my mother recently. He hasent actually dated any of my friends but he has had casual sex with a few of them and i think he wants to date a few of my friends. Plus he's too into basketball. He plays it which is understandable but thats his life. He watches it, talk about it, get extra pissed off at me if his favorite team dosent win, and when he's not playing in a game his randomly shooting hoops. I mean he goes EVERYWHERE with this damn basketball. Guess that means im way too good for him. Wonderful article

check check check check. 30. lives at home with mommy, who pays his car payments. has a large collection of porn, plays video games all day, or making beats, cause he is a "rapper". Also, thinks i should pay for everything since i have more money saved up than he does. (of course, cause he spends all his money on games). its all a little odd, cause everything you have written is my life. and i am WAYY to good for him :) Thanks

Damn, I'm too good for him! ;D

I was way too god for him. He is 30, lives at home with his parents, doesn't work, has a huge collection of porn, drinks and smokes a lot. never pays for anything always hitting me up for cash. His phone which i never see is always on silent. never has credit to call me. always wants to drive my vehicle and when i refuse gets angry. gets angry at the least little thing. but i left his ass a month ago and never looked back. right now i am single, taking it easy and loving it.

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