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10 Signs That He Has a Crush on You ...

By Melanie

Girls, I know that guys are unpredictable and this is nothing new to us. When it comes to girls, it does not matter if he is shy or outgoing, in some way, shape or form, he is going to show if he has a crush on you or not. There are some natural tendencies, which tell us if he has a crush on a girl. There is some scientific proof to help tell whether he has a crush on you:

10 When You Are Talking, He Pays Close Attention and His Stance Shows It

If they are paying attention or listening closely, they usually lean in towards the person. In addition to this, they tend to position themselves in a flattering way. For example, the guy will stand taller in order to make themselves look larger. In turns, this allows them to appear more stronger in front of the girl they have a crush on. It is male behavior. While, if the guy is standing there, shifting his weight constantly with his arms crossed, then he probably doesn’t have a crush.

9 Look Deep into His Eyes

This is one of the easiest ways to know his deepest feelings. There is no for sure single look that will tell you. It is the signal that you will only be able to identify when you have made eye contact. A guy who is interested will generally gaze into your eyes.


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8 Does He Change His Persona or Behavior towards You?

If he changes his behavior or personal towards you, then he may have a crush. Each guy is unique in their own way for drawing attention from a girl. It is your job to recognize the behavior and manner he is having because of your presence.

7 Do You Frequently Run into You?

If every time you turn around he is there, then that may be him dropping hints that he would like to stay around you. He may be trying to find ways to approach you. If you start to notice him more than usual, then it may be safe to say he has a crush on you.

6 How Does He Act around You and Your Friends?

Observe how he is acting around you and your friends. Does he start acting differently in front of you and your friends? Guys know the finest way to impress a girl would be to go through her friends. If he makes a good impression in front of your friends, then he may be interested in you.

5 Does His Nature Change According to Your Mood?

When you are in a good mood, then he has a smile on his face, when you are sad, then he has a frown. He will not cheer up until you are happy and he goes out of his way to make you smile.

4 The Smile

There are some hints that every female knows about a male. He is going to smile at you when you look at him. In addition to this, he will always have time for you.

3 He Asks You for Your Phone Number

If he asks you for your phone number out of the blue, then this would be a sign that he has a crush on you. Finally, he got up enough courage to ask you for your number.

2 He Asks You out

Obviously, if he asks you out on a date, then he has a thing for you. When you go out on the date, he is very into you and interested in what you have to say. He stares into your eyes…there’s all of the signs right there.

1 He Can’t Seem to Get Enough of You

It seems as if he wants to spend every hour with you. He loves seeing you and you can tell it by the way he looks at you and acts around you.

Those are 1 signs to look for in order to tell if a guy has a crush on you. When you find he has a crush on you, it is up to you how you handle it. How would you deal with a guy that has a crush on you if you didn’t like him?

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