7 Tips on Finding a Good Guy ...


7 Tips on Finding a Good Guy ...
7 Tips on Finding a Good Guy ...

There has been and probably always will be a quest to find the right guy. It seems like most women have similar ideas about what a guy needs to have in order to be considered the right one. I’m not talking about being a millionaire or anything like that. I’m speaking more of personal traits and specific characteristics. Here are 7 tips on finding a good guy that might help you, in case you’re having difficulty on your man hunt.

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Be Upfront

Be Upfront Photo Credit: Nicole Garcia Photography

Being upfront with your intentions will make the entire process much easier. If you’re looking for just a date, then let him know. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, then it might be a good idea to see if you two are on the same page. It can be terribly disheartening for you to be thinking you are going out on a single date, while he’s expecting more of a commitment.


Pay Attention

Pay Attention Photo Credit: shauna28

Look around at men in the room, no matter where you are. You’d be surprised at how many men actually are doing the same thing. I’ve caught a few looking at me by merely glancing up. The trick is to smile at them. I used to shy away and quickly look down. I was told by a friend that this makes the guy feel bad about himself. I’d actually never thought of that. It makes them feel like there is something hideously wrong with them and they become more self-conscious. So, look around, make some eye contact, and smile!


Expect a Human, Not a Demigod

Expect a Human, Not a Demigod Photo Credit: Rey Misterio (Juan Molinet)

They can’t all be like Hercules or Gilgamesh, surpassing mortal men in size, strength, and skill. Of course, wouldn’t it be nice to accidentally bump into one of these? Just for a mere moment. I have no idea what I would do with a man like this anyway. It’s really hard to look at a guy and instantly know what he’s going to be like. As the old saying goes, ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’ and this is so true with guys. I can’t count how many men I’ve come across that appear to be something meek and mild, but turn out to be full of life and tons of fun. Just remember: they do have feelings and expectations, just like you.


Don’t Fear Dating Services

Don’t Fear Dating Services Photo Credit: doug88888

Even if you aren’t one to sign up for one of those speed-dating events, don’t completely rule out dating services in general. There are so many kinds today. Internet dating sites are plentiful and many of these are very well monitored. The singles ads in the newspaper might be a bit sketchy, since you never know who is going to be on the other end. Don’t completely dismiss blind dates set up by your friends either. I’ve had many friends who have been excellent match makers and many of these relationships are still intact after a number of years.


Know What You Want

Know What You Want Photo Credit: arny johanns

Knowing what you are looking for seems to help you actually find it. Men who have the qualities you desire often gravitate for you. For instance, if you are looking for a guy who likes to have fun, then you will end up emitting an aura of fun yourself. I know people say opposites attract, but I feel the majority of the relationships I’ve seen began with two people who had common interests.


Hang out at the Right Locations

Hang out at the Right Locations Photo Credit: Anirudh Koul

I’m all about having a good time, which means I like to hang out at places where others are also having great fun. Chances are, hanging out at a place that you find enjoyable will lead you to guys who have the same interests. If you enjoy singing karaoke, then head on over to the local karaoke bar and see who you find there. Granted, bars can be sketchy places to find the right guy at, but there have also been many relationships started in a bar. I guess it all depends on the circumstances. Many guys just go for the social atmosphere and to hang out with his friends.


Be Confident

Be Confident Photo Credit: Confident Chic

Having confidence and high self-esteem will point you in the right direction. Guys can sense when a woman is sure of herself and most are attracted to a woman such as this. You don’t have to be one of those gung-ho types who come across as being overly aggressive to be considered confident. There are plenty of quiet women who are still considered to have loads of confidence. Keep your head up and walk tall. Staring at the ground all the time gives the impression that your confidence is low and you also miss out on seeing the guys around you.

These 7 tips on finding a good guy are just my personal selection. What tips would you offer to a woman whose looking for the perfect man? If you already have found him, how did you do it? Feel free to share your secrets on how to find an all-around good guy.

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