8 Ways to Cut Short a Bad Date ...


8 Ways to Cut Short a Bad Date ...
8 Ways to Cut Short a Bad Date ...

We all go through some bad dates in our lives and need to find a way to cut them short, without breaking the others heart. Some people can be ruthless and tell them this date sucks, but when I was dating that wasn't my way to break it to them. Let me tell you 8 Ways to Cut Short a Bad Date…

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Tea or Coffee Date

Tea or Coffee Date Photo Credit: Colors of My Dreams

To test your grounds to see if he or she is something that you like, you should ask them out on a short date like coffee or tea. When you do this, you make the point that your are testing the grounds and making it where if it goes bad, you can end the date fast without heart break.


Tell Them Work Called and You Are Needed

Tell Them Work Called and You Are Needed Photo Credit: pinksugarichigo

This is the basic escape method that works for all business employees or doctors. Tell them work called when you went to the bathroom and you're needed in the office. He or she might take the hint that you are not into the date. A easy way to end a date without making a fuse or hurting someone.


A Family Member Just Got Hurt

A Family Member Just Got Hurt Photo Credit: kuzquiano

A family emergency is a quick escape that can work, but sometimes blow up in your face. They could ask you, do you want a ride or can I help in anyway. You can simply tell them that I need to do this alone and that should be enough to give them the hint to back away.


A Family Members Car Broke down

A Family Members Car Broke down Photo Credit: Florian Narr

The family card works good in escaping work, dates and disturbing moments. Like before go to the restroom and come back to tell them you need to leave to pick up your brother or sister, because their car is broke down. Works good and makes everyone happy. Make sure you have an answering machine, because they will follow up.


Spill Something on You

Spill Something on You Photo Credit: Eric "Claptøn" Nelsøn

You messed up your suit or dress and you need to change. This can be an easy get away if you took your own car. You can tell him or her I need to change. However, if you shared a vehicle, tell them to drop you off at your house and you will make it another time.


Get Sick

Get Sick Photo Credit: alshepmcr

You can't really get sick, but you can act it. You can pull the sick card like playing hokey for work or school. Tell them you need to use the restroom and come back to tell them you need to go home. This works perfect for almost every bad date.


Make the Bad Date Good

Make the Bad Date Good Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

Why fret and make a dash for the door? You can always turn the bad date into a good one, by making what's bad good. You can't change the way the man or women is acting, but you can help them snap out of it. They could be just nervous and don't take dates well. Help them get comfortable and make them laugh.


Tell Them the Truth

Tell Them the Truth Photo Credit: lorrainemd

First of all, telling them the truth might be hard for them, but sometimes can change the date to a better one. Telling them that you want someone different and the date isn't going good could cause a frown, but some people ask for a second chance to make it better. However, if they're isn’t love or chemistry, then the date is futile for the both of you.

Well, I hope these helped you escape some of the worst dates possible that you may encounter in the near future. Always think about what you say, because those words can devastate your date and cause them to react badly. Do you use these ideas for escaping a bad date?

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