7 Ways to Avoid a Kiss at the End of a Date ...

I understand that there are some girls out there that try to avoid a kiss at the end of a date. Maybe it's a first date. Maybe the date has gone less than perfectly. Maybe you don't see a future. That was the case with me. On my dates, I did not want to kiss the guy at the end of the date because I was saving that kiss for the perfect one. The one who was right for me. Even though I am speaking from a girl’s perspective, this post can be for both guys and girls.

7. Put a Gap in There

Photo Credit: Photos Mania

So you've had plenty of awkward moments on your first dateand it's finally over. You are at your door and you know you don't want to kiss him. What do you do? Try to put some space between the two of you. The space should at least be an arms length of space. This is to prevent the guy from getting too close to you. If he keeps getting closer, step away further. This way, he or she will get the hint (hopefully).