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7 Ways to Avoid a Kiss at the End of a Date ...

By Melanie

I understand that there are some girls out there that try to avoid a kiss at the end of a date. Maybe it's a first date. Maybe the date has gone less than perfectly. Maybe you don't see a future. That was the case with me. On my dates, I did not want to kiss the guy at the end of the date because I was saving that kiss for the perfect one. The one who was right for me. Even though I am speaking from a girl’s perspective, this post can be for both guys and girls.

7 Put a Gap in There

Put a Gap in TherePhoto Credit: Photos Mania

So you've had plenty of awkward moments on your first dateand it's finally over. You are at your door and you know you don't want to kiss him. What do you do? Try to put some space between the two of you. The space should at least be an arms length of space. This is to prevent the guy from getting too close to you. If he keeps getting closer, step away further. This way, he or she will get the hint (hopefully).

6 Avoid Looking into Each Other’s Eyes

Avoid Looking into Each Other’s EyesPhoto Credit: MelanieFitzpatrick

You should avoid having long eye contact at the end of the date. Many men think the best way to go for that kiss is when the “stare down” happens. When it starts, take his attention to some place else. This way, you will not be looking at one another. Point to someone that is walking their dog, or wearing something strange, make a comment on the weather or something else that pops in your mind.

5 Attention to the Moon and Stars

Attention to the Moon and StarsPhoto Credit: NYC Comets

When you are standing at the door during the night, whatever you do, do not mention the moon or the stars. Why? Because I have noticed that this is a type of cue to kiss. Directing attention to the moon and the stars and saying something like "Wow the night sky looks gorgeous" is a romantic gesture, so try to avoid this, no matter how pretty it is.

4 Don’t Linger at Your Front Door

Don’t Linger at Your Front DoorPhoto Credit: log homes LHBA

If you are trying to avoid a kiss, you should try not to linger at the front door. If you are parting at a restaurant or at the movies, then try not to linger there before you leave. Be direct and forward. Tell him that you had a good time and it was nice to meet him. And if you think you want to go out with him on a second date, give a subtle hint and say "Maybe we should do this again". Whatever you do, do not linger. It could give him the idea that you want him to make the first move.

3 Offer a Hug

Offer a HugPhoto Credit: kjdrill

If you don't think it's time tokiss himyet, offer him a friendly hug at the end of the night. When he starts to go for the kiss, just extend your arms. When you are in the hug position, your heads will be side by side. This is not a comfortable kissing position. After the hug, it is time to say goodbye and leave. And if he's smart, he will get the point.

2 Offer Your Cheek Instead

Offer Your Cheek InsteadPhoto Credit: miss.ninA

When you see that he is about to kiss you, simply turn your head and offer your cheek instead. Maybe even do the "cheek to cheek" kiss. I'd be wary of this though because it may just give him the hope of a lip to lip kiss in the future. Definitely a dating blooperif you ask me.

1 Make up an Excuse

Make up an ExcusePhoto Credit: JULiE.X0

You could always make up an excuse and tell him that you do not want to get lipstick on him. Think of some excuse you can use for not kissing. Maybe you have chapped lips? Maybe you just do not think it is time to kiss because it is moving too fast. I am the type that just speaks my mind and if you are too, this is the best thing to do.

Avoiding a kiss at the end of a date is really not that hard to do. You just need to think in advance so that you know what you are going to do if the situation comes up. Have you ever been in this awkward position? How did you get out of it?

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