5 Modern Dating Wisdom to Arm Yourself with ...

1. Know the 4 Kinds of Online Daters

Kelli of Dating and Mating in America tells us the basic kinds of online daters that you are bound to meet sooner or later. Funny and interesting read.

2. Know if a Guy REALLY is Funny

Check out this email that LuckyGirl received. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. Some guys really are so strange (I will not say anything mean).

3. Be Familiar with Your Profile Stalkers

There are some guys who simply view your profile (EVERY.SINGLE.DAY) but never contact you. What's up with them, right?

4. Pick up the Phone Sometimes

Texting is fine but sometimes, you need to pick up the phone in order to make clear plans. Also, you get to hear in someone's voice if he really is blowing you off.

5. Avoid These Creepy Guys

All of us are looking for love and if you happen to be searching for it online, be sure to avoid these guys.
Top Image by **sunshinecity**