5 Interesting Reads ...


5 Interesting Reads ...
5 Interesting Reads ...

Beauty Tips for Spring and Summer

Check out this great link for wonderful products and beauty routine to try this coming warmer months. I like the colors of the nail polish listed here. How yummy is that Jancyn shade?

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These are the courses that will prove to be quite useful when you finally step into real life. How I wish I paid more attention in my Economics classes!


Mike Starr, the former bassist for Alice in Chains was found dead in his home yesterday. Until now, it is unclear what the exact cause of his death is.


Check out the link to know what fun things you can do in beautiful Atlanta. This list includes activities and tourist spots that you can visit.


Wow, this is something I was completely unaware of until I read this post. Would you be willing to undergo this surgical operation?

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