8 Celebrity Books Worth Reading ...

It seems like every celebrity, everywhere, has put out a book, a memoir detailing their rise to fame or their rough childhood or their strange obsession. Most are fluff, ghost-written by someone who the celeb has hired, but some are compelling, funny, or touching… or all three! If you’re wondering which celeb memoirs are genuine, and which are junk, keep reading! Here are 8 celebrity books worth reading.

1. “Luck Man” by Michael J. Fox

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After everything Michael J. Fox has been through, the last word I thought he’d use to describe himself is “lucky,” and yet that’s how he feels, truly. He comes across as one of the few celebrities I’d call down-to-earth or even likeable, with sharp wit and self-deprecating humor. It’s a memoir you’ll smile while reading, and you’ll end up agreeing with him, that he is indeed a lucky man.

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