7 Big Myths about Dating ...


7 Big Myths about Dating ...
7 Big Myths about Dating ...

People are fascinated by love and relationships, and just recently there have been some major studies into attraction, dates, love and relationships. Surprisingly, these studies have discounted a lot of info that us women thought were key tofinding love… from whether to make the first move to what to wear. I’ve been hunting through, and here are the 7 biggest dating myths…

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Flash Some Flesh?

Flash Some Flesh? Every women secretly (or not so secretly) thinks that flashing some flesh will get them a second date. So when researchers quizzed (and tested!) men on what they like their dates to wear, they were surprised to discover that the ideal amount of flesh on show is about 40%. So if you feel confident in a skirt, or want to rock shorts, wear a stylish top that covers you stomach and chest. If you are wearing jeans, don’t be afraid to pick a cute cami! Just remember that you’ll only stay on his mind if you give him something to think about, so leave some things to his imagination.


Men Love Women Who Make the First Move?

Men Love Women Who Make the First Move? Photo Credit: ~ Đoseri

For years, dating advisors have been instructing women to have confidence, and make the first move on guys they like. After all, women have equal rights now, and men can be shy too. The new studies monitored new couples, recording who made the first move, and found that typically whoever approaches the other first usually ends up falling hard. So look great, smile at him, and wait for him to come over...


Show Him How Connected You Are by Talking about Shared Interests

Show Him How Connected You Are by Talking about Shared Interests While talking about common interests will make you feel connected, it can be beneficial to talk about yourindividual hobbies and interests too. Being exposed to new and exciting things from a new and exciting person increases dopamine production, which creates interest and passion. So don’t be afraid to be different!


Eat Low Calorie Foods to Show You Look after Yourself

Eat Low Calorie Foods to Show You Look after Yourself Photo Credit: RoOoNa

Chances are, he isn’t paying much attention to what you are eating, and studies have shown that men prefer women who will be themselves and eat what they like, rather than picking something low calorie like a salad. It looks guarded, and fake, and you’ll only steal his chips anyway!


Men Love Eyes

Men Love Eyes It's always been regarded as common knowledge that men notice eyes first, but a recent survey has shown that 63% pay more attention to general looks and body shape, and only 28% could remember the colour of a girl's eyes an hour after a first date. But ask them her body shape, and they could give a pretty accurate description...


“Be-friend” Him, and He’ll Fall for You

“Be-friend” Him, and He’ll Fall for You This seems to make perfect sense, but actually, searching him out on Facebook could doom your relationship. It increases chances of jealousy, and makes you seem much more involved in his life then you should be at an early stage... instead of skipping a few stages to the Happy Ever After, you might be sending the relationship straight to the failed pile. So resist his profile!


Ask Questions, and Don’t Talk about Yourself

Ask Questions, and Don’t Talk about Yourself Photo Credit: Oberazzi

For as long as I can remember, women have been instructed to keep conversation about themselves to a minimum, and to ask lots of questions on a first date. Well, this isn’t entirely bad advice. Having a genuine interest in the person you are talking too is great, but also talk about yourself. Men love women who talk about themselves... it shows independence,confidence, self disclosure and internal happiness. So go for it!

Dating using these new rules is very different! I sent some friends on ‘test dates’, and not only did they admit to having a much better time and relaxing more, they also found that the guys asked them for second dates much faster! So I’d really recommend giving them a try… have you found a dating rule which is simply not true? Please share it with me!

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This was pleasantly shocking. i thought all of this was true which is hard for me to do.. since it isn't that makes it alot easier for me. :)

good one! but i will never be that girl to come onto anyone.. male or female lol. I have a lot of confidence, but coming onto someone just is NOT in my person at all lol. yeah i agree with that avoiding his profile thing, its best if both of you keep clear of each other on the internet lol

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