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12 Delicious Low Calorie Foods ...

By Grace

Want to shed your extra pounds?

One easy way is diet control. Now wondering how to control your food habits?

The answer is quite simple, concentrate on a low calorie diet with high nutrition content. This will definitely help you in the weight loss process. Here are a few delicious low calorie foods which you try.

Table of contents:

  1. crab cake burgers
  2. baby corn delight
  3. strawberry pancakes
  4. salmon pinwheels
  5. pasta with bacon and cheese
  6. peppered lamb chops
  7. baltimore hash
  8. tuna chowder
  9. chilli chicken
  10. mexican polenta scramble
  11. smoked trout salad:
  12. moo shu vegetables

1 Crab Cake Burgers

No fillers, no seasoning! Just the true crab flavour and that is the specialty of Crab Cake Burgers. Have it with tartar sauce or with a green salad, sprouts and sliced peaches.

Ingredients and directions here

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2 Baby Corn Delight

Highly nutritious, low calorie Baby Corn Delight is a delicious meal which can be prepared in a matter of minutes. Corn, a few veggies, sauce and oil is all you need. Serve it hot and I bet you will love this side dish!

Ingredients and directions here

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3 Strawberry Pancakes

Enjoy your weekend preparing these fruity, yummy pancakes. Serve them with maple syrup, yogurt or southern strawberry coulis. These highly nutritious pancakes can also be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Ingredients and directions here

4 Salmon Pinwheels

Before this is ready on your plate, you may feel it’s a complicated dish. You are mistaken. Three simple steps of cutting, filling and baking will have the dish ready in front of you. Having it with wilted spinach and garlic-rosemary roasted potatoes will add to the taste.
Ingredients and directions here

5 Pasta with Bacon and Cheese

It is all just a matter of 20 minutes! Get some pasta, oil, bacon, onion and broccoli ready and start cooking. Serve it hot with cheese and parsley. You will love the taste! Apart from being a healthy food, it is also delicious.
Ingredients and directions here

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6 Peppered Lamb Chops

Imagine delicious lamb chops mixed with garlic and crushed peppercorns. Mouthwatering, isn’t it? Spare a few minutes for making this healthy, yummy food and treat your taste buds.
Ingredients and directions here

7 Baltimore Hash

A healthy and simple reciepe, Baltimore Hash will definitely help you cut your weight. This low calorie food also contains veggies to make it nutritious.

Ingredients and directions here

8 Tuna Chowder

A quick and easy reciepe Tuna Chowder is a healthy food for those keen on controlling their diet.
Ingredients and directions here

9 Chilli Chicken

Chicken lovers will go crazy about it. This spicy, healthy and low calorie food is definitely nutritious.

Ingredients and directions here

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10 Mexican Polenta Scramble

Ever tasted a scramble other than egg? Try this Mexican Polenta scramble which is a mix of veggies, cheese and polenta. Easy to make and rich in nutrition, this food is a must eat.
Ingredients and directions here

11 Smoked Trout Salad:

Smoked fish garnished with pepper and placed in a bed of green leaves – enjoy this highly healthy food and make your day special!
Ingredients and directions here

12 Moo Shu Vegetables

Cut extra calories with the help of this pure vegetable dish otherwise known as Moo shu tofu.
Ingredients and directions here
If you know of any other food that fits the bill of delicious AND healthy, do write in and tell us.

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