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5 Yummy Dishes to Start the Week with...

By Meream

1 Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies

Doesn't the name just make you smile? This one is "light," too for those who are weight conscious. Perfect mates for your coffee and for simple snacking.

2 Crepe

I swear I salivated when I checked out the combos that Gina wrote about. Crepe with apple, cinnamon and raw goat cheddar? Sounds super yum!

3 Creamy and Fruity Jello Dessert

This delightful dessert is brought to us by Suburban Grandma. Only 5 ingredients and no baking involved --- my kind of recipe!

4 Sloppy Joe's

For some strange reason, Sloppy Joe's always takes me back to watching that Olsen twins movie "It Takes Two" for the first time. Here is Christina's recipe for those who love this comfort food.

5 Blueberry Tiramisu

This particular recipe will result into something so pretty you'll not want to eat it. Not really. I bet you'll finish what you'll make without sharing.

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