8 Most Delicious Foods to Enjoy ...


8 Most Delicious Foods to Enjoy ...
8 Most Delicious Foods to Enjoy ...

I’m not saying that these foods on this list are good for you, but I am saying that they are delicious and preferred by many. Below, I am going to give you some of the 8 most delicious foods to enjoy. Many of these foods, I do not like, but I know that some of you will!

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Chocolate Cake

In my book, this is yuck, but I know many girls prefer chocolate. I can’t stand it, which is pretty much why I put it at number 8. I think it should actually be on the worst foods list! However, the rich chocolate, when done right, can even suck me in…I guess.


Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie Photo Credit: ~Leesa

Come on, who here does not like cherry pie? I despise sweets, but cherry pie is still good! As long as it is not too sweet and overpowering, I will eat it. What about you?



Okay, melons are one of my favorite foods, yes, now you know my favorite! Since I am from Florida, that isn’t surprising now is it? They grow pretty good here! Who doesn’t enjoy this red, delicious fruit?



Okay, you caught me again! Tacos are my favorite food too! I couldn’t turn down a good taco dinner! Although, it has to have all of the right things, like tomatoes, lettuce and don’t forget the hot sauce! Oh yeah and I do not want beans in it!



Yummy! I live in the area where the strawberries grow like…well, like berries! The strawberry fields, right now, are filled with red berries! Who here doesn’t have a craving for strawberries with milk! Yummy!



Okay, caught me again. Jell-0 is good! Although, I do not like the lemon or lime type. I think my favorite would be strawberry, peach and watermelon. I don’t think it could get any better! Wait, yes it could! Jell-o mixed with some fruit! Now, that’s what I am talking about.


Marsala Chicken

Marsala Chicken Photo Credit: shyzaboy

This is one of my husband’s favorite foods. I am not too big on meats, but I think Marsala Chicken is good. As long as it is made right, it is hard to turn down! Do you like it? I think it’s fun to cook.


Honey Chicken

Okay, I think my favorite will always be Chinese foods. Who here likes Chinese food? There is just something about the way they do their food. I think the honey chicken is really good and I noticed many others like it.

My last favorite foods are coconut shrimp and catfish. Yes, I am from the South, so of course, I like catfish! Some may think that is weird, but so be it. So, what are your favorite foods?

Top Photo Credit: www.hafizismail.net

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i haven't tried half the foods on this list :O

I dont like chineese food! How can you say Yuck to chocolate?

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