7 Foods That No Picnic is Complete without ...

Picnics are one of my favourite things about the Summer... they are a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors, and there are some stunning areas to eat them in. You feel right back with nature, and it’s a great way to enjoy fine food, good company and the sunshine! I do always wonder what to pack, though, so I’ve been researched picnic favourites, and these are the foods your picnic shouldn’t be without!

1. Orzo Rice Pasta

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Orzo pasta is shaped like rice, and has a very light, nutty taste. It’s really filling, and is the perfect alternative to sandwhiches... it tastes great thrown with a salad, and olive oil makes it taste amazing. It’s easy to cook, and can be eaten hot or cold when cooked, so you can even prepare it in advance. Mmm.

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