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It's time to fire up that grill and start cooking! When it comes to grilling and finding the right foods to grill, you might be wondering what to cook. You might consider certain type of meat, but meat is not the only thing that can be grilled. Let me tell you my top 7 foods to cook on the grill during anytime of the year.

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Ribeye Steak

Ribeye Steak Photo Credit: Just George 2

Steak is one of the top foods to cook on the grill and my choice was the ribeye. This particular cut of meat is just like a T-bone cut, but without the bone. It's one of the best cuts for beef. Before you consider this to be grilled, you need to pick the best store to buy it from. Choose the right beef and cut, you will be for sure getting a juicy steak. You can make a garlic sauce ribeye or even use a certain spice. These steaks cook the best I say.


Barbeque Chicken

Barbeque Chicken Photo Credit: adiacone

Before you start your Barbeque chicken, you need to think of what type you want. You can cook wings, thighs or legs for this particular meat. You can make a mean blue cheese dip or hot sauce to go with the Barbeque chicken. With chicken, you need to make sure it's cooked all the way through and be careful not to burn them too much. Some burning is all right, because of the flavor and Barbeque sauce burning. Also you can try many different Barbeque chicken sauces to get spice up the taste.


Shrimp and Vegetables on the Stick (shish Kabobs)

Shrimp and Vegetables on the Stick (shish Kabobs) Photo Credit: Seven Morris

This is a perfect meal if you want to cook a seafood meal over the grill. You can cut up carrots, onions, potatoes and green onion to make flavor. You put them on the shish kabobs. To find these sticks, you can go to any grocery store and find metal or even wood type sticks to poke the food on. This is a fast meal, being that shrimp doesn’t take long to cook. The potatoes will cook fast, depending how you got your grill set.


Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce

Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce Photo Credit: mooshee85

Teriyaki is one of my favorite types of sauce to soak chicken in. The taste and flavor it brings, when being grilled makes my mouth water. When you grill this, you can use chicken breast that's boneless to soak the flavor. They also make it easier for people to eat and get the full taste of the chicken.


Angus Hamburgers

Angus Hamburgers Photo Credit: petrusko.rm

Angus is a delicate type of meat and it makes a perfect meat when grounded up. You can add spices and some breadcrumbs or oatmeal to make it stick together better when grilling. If you want juicy burgers, you need to make them big, but not too thick. If you make them to think, they take longer to cook and could cause uneven cooking. Don't want to burn burgers to get them all the way done in the middle. Angus meat has a thick and juicy taste that helps add flavor.


Angus Hotdogs with Cheese in the Middle

Angus Hotdogs with Cheese in the Middle Photo Credit: Teri Yu

You can buy Angus hotdogs at the store and with cheese if you like cheese. When grilling hotdogs, you don't have to worry about burning then skin. Although, don't burn them all the way through. That doesn’t taste to good when that happens. If you can't find Angus cheese hotdogs, you can cut a slice down the middle and put the wanted cheese through the cracks. You can also get a sauce injector and liquid cheese and insert it in the middle.


BabyBack Ribs

BabyBack Ribs Photo Credit: usujason

Now we are talking! Babyback ribs are my favorite food to grill. The best part about ribs is that it can go both ways, spicy or sweet. If you like sweet ribs, you can simply get a sweet sauce. If you wondering about some good types of sweet sauces, you can buy sonnies Barbeque sauces or Bono's. There are tons of companies that make sweet sauces. However, you can make your own sauce for sweet ribs. To make spicy ribs, you can find many sauces that can make them burn your lips. Finger licking good I say.

Well, I hope our list of 7 foods to grill helped you find the something to grill over the weekend or following weekend. With all this said, are you now hungry like I am? This made me very hunger just telling you guys some good things to grill. Do you think you will try any of these foods on the grill this weekend?

Top Photo Credit: avlxyz

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You forgot fruit! Grilling fruit such as pineapple and peaches makes them much sweeter and are by far some of my favorite things to grill.

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