8 Basic Recipes That Make Use of Tomatoes ...


8 Basic Recipes That Make Use of Tomatoes ...
8 Basic Recipes That Make Use of Tomatoes ...

The tomato is considered a heart-friendly fruit. It is rich in lycopene which helps protect the heart from disease and reduces your risks for certain cancers. Aside from this antioxidant, the tomato is also packed with vitamin A, C, and K; it also contains amounts of vitamin B, fiber, and other minerals. The tomato is also a very versatile ingredient. It is used in many dishes around the world. I have compiled 8 basic recipes that make use of the tomato as a primary or complementary ingredient.

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Sandwich Photo Credit: AmazingSandwiches

The subtle but distinct taste of the tomato makes it easy to incorporate in most sandwiches. Reinvent the traditional BLT and try the BLAT (Bacon – Lettuce – Avocado – Tomato) or TLT (Tofu – Lettuce – Tomato). A simple tomato sandwich with cheese will make you crave pasta; add some mayonnaise to make it an extra tasty treat. Tomatoes are simple and cheap ways to make your sandwiches healthier and tastier.



There are many varieties of pizza. However, what doesn’t seem to change is the presence of the tomato. Tomatoes are used in pizza sauce and as toppings. Try combining tomatoes with other toppings to come up with your own variety of pizza.



Salsa is a word that means “sauce”. It also refers to the Mexican or Central American dish that often uses tomatoes as the primary ingredient. There are many versions of tomato-based Mexican salsas so try experimenting to find the one you like best.



Using tomatoes in your fresh vegetable salad is a great way to add flavor and texture. There are also salads that use tomatoes as the sole or main ingredient. Examples of these salads are Caprese, Tomato and Fennel, and Sliced Tomatoes with Pesto Drizzle. However, with a fruit as versatile as the tomato, you don’t have to worry about putting together an original salad recipe.


Stuffed Tomato

Stuffed Tomato Photo Credit: grlpwr777

Stuffed tomatoes make for an elegant and interesting way to serve this fruit. You can stuff the tomatoes with virtually anything you want – rice, shrimp, vegetables, pork, beef, and cheese. You can make the stuffing ahead and just fill the tomatoes when needed. You can also bake the stuffed tomatoes.



Soup Photo Credit: Culinary Fool

Tomato soup can be both refreshing and warming because it can be served hot or cold. Tomato soup is usually made by roasting and boiling the peeled tomato flesh. The cooked flesh is then pureed to make soup.



Tomato-based sauces are used in numerous dishes around the world. The basic tomato sauce is made by cooking the ingredients together and then pureeing them to create the finished product. You can also try making raw tomato sauce, which is as simple as letting the chopped tomatoes soak in their own juices.



Drinks Photo Credit: Mazda6 (Tor)

You can enjoy homemade tomato juice if you have a stove, nonreactive pan, and a food mill. The process is a bit long but the resulting product is a healthy and refreshing beverage. You can also make smoothies using tomatoes. And did you know that you can also make margaritas? You need tomatoes, lemon juice, and other ingredients you want to add. Puree all these in a blender and add vodka. Serve chilled.

These basic recipes can be used and modified to suit your taste and needs. Use them as ideas and guidelines to create tomato dishes that are not only delicious but are also healthy for you and your family.

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