15 Easy Egg Recipes ...


15 Easy Egg Recipes ...
15 Easy Egg Recipes ...

There are over a hundred ways to cook egg. I am considering trying each and every recipe but the whole task seems rather daunting. But I guess I can start with the easy recipes, right? If you are a beginner, like me, you might love these 15 easy egg recipes.

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Carbonara with Bacon and Eggs

Carbonara with Bacon and Eggs Photo Credit: Shenghung Lin

In this recipe, egg is used as a thickening agent for the pasta's sauce. The final outcome will not give you an actual egg that your brain will recognize but I bet this is yummy. I don't eat bacon so I'll do away with that.


Fried Egg and Chips Photo Credit: Sifu Renka

You will need to fry both the eggs and potatoes with this recipe so you might need to avoid it if you don't want anything oily. However, it looks incredibly yummy; give yourself a day pass for eating greasy food. The recipe I linked to calls for truffle so yes, a day pass will be needed.


Photo Credit: u m a m i

I think this will be so nourishing on a rainy day. That's the kind of day we're having today and I have all the ingredients in my kitchen. Can you say fate?


Poached Eggs on Grits Photo Credit: .michael.newman.

This looks interesting. My problem would be where to find grits. Have you guys tried this? Is it delicious?


Breakfast Pizza

Photo Credit: travelingmcmahans

Now THIS is my type of breakfast. And no red meat, too! I cannot wait to try this one of these days. I bet this will make my little apartment smell incredible!


Ham and Egg Ramekin

Ham and Egg Ramekin Photo Credit: wendyness

Do these look cool or what? I'd be willing to try this only because I'd want to experiment with using bread on the muffin molds.


Egg Puff Photo Credit: mahanandi

Now this one is VERY easy and sounds much healthier than your average greasy sunny side up. The recipe calls for paratha, an Indian flat-bread, but I'm guessing you can use any other kind of flat bread to make this.


Croque Madame

Croque Madame Photo Credit: Fenchurch!

If I still ate pork, I'd be making this at least three times a week. This one is very easy. Even someone who is deathly scared of cooking can make this.


Chinese Marbled Tea Egg Photo Credit: FotoosVanRobin

This recipe will give you such pretty results! And with the cracking you'll be doing, I reckon this is a recipe that will give you an enjoyable time in the kitchen, too.


Green Bean Salad with Egg Photo Credit: ccharmon

I am partial to salads with hard boiled egg wedges so I had to include this recipe. This looks very easy and healthy, too.


Soy Sauce Eggs Photo Credit: rockYOface

Boiling is definitely one of the easiest ways to cook an egg. However, that can get a tad boring fast. With this recipe, though, you will enjoy easy cooking minus the bland or boring results.


Eggs on Baby Spinach with Peas and Brie Photo Credit: esimpraim

I like peas, spinach, brie cheese, mustard, and eggs. What's not to love about this salad?


Tuna Deviled Eggs

Tuna Deviled Eggs Photo Credit: Kasia/flickr

Oooh, tuna and eggs and mayo and mustard! Can you tell that this recipe is making me incredibly happy?


No Mayo Curried Deviled Eggs Photo Credit: yi

If you don't like mayo or you want a healthier alternative to the previous recipe, this one got you covered. I love curry so this definitely goes to my must-make egg recipes.


Beet Pickled Eggs

Beet Pickled Eggs Photo Credit: rockYOface

This will give you pretty and yummy eggs. What more could you possibly want? Oh yeah, these are very easy to make, too.

We are pretty sure you know more egg recipes that will not make a cooking novice swear off stepping inside a kitchen for life. We would love to hear about them. Please leave a comment or some links to these egg recipes.

Top Photo Credit: TheDeliciousLife

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