7 Great Cooking Shows ...

I love cooking, and I love cook-books, and even thought I hate TV, I love cooking shows! I really like watching a chef or cook I trust make a dish, so I can see exactly how to do it, and I especially like when they make (and show me how to fix!) mistakes! If you’re a whiz in the kitchen, then you might like some of these cooking shows, too! Here are 7 great cooking shows…

1. Barefoot Contessa

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Hosted by: Ina Garten
Network: The Food Network
I love this show because Ina is obviously a good cook herself, using recipes and techniques she’s honed to perfection on her own. The dishes she prepares are all things I would make myself, and often I do! I also love her cookbooks. Beware, though, that most of her meals are not something you could cook after a full day at work… they take a little time, but they’re so worth it!

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