7 Things You Should Know How to Cook ...

If you know how to cook at least some basic entrees and side dishes, then entertaining can actually be fun. I have an aunt who buys all her food for parties at the local deli. I’ve found it to not only be cheaper to make my own food for gatherings, but also to be a lot of fun. Here are 7 things you should know how to cook. They are all so easy to make too!

7. Enchiladas

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These are easiest to make when using flour tortillas instead of corn tortillas. I find the corn tortillas break a lot easier, even after I’ve soaked them in the hot sauce as suggested in a few different recipes. I take a stack of the flour tortillas and zap them for a minute in the microwave before filling them with the meat mixture. This makes them pliable enough so they don’t rip as I roll them. Just follow the instructions on the back of a can of enchilada sauce and you can’t go wrong! I usually cook the enchiladas for an extra 10 to 15 minutes, in order to make them crispier on top.

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