7 Must-know Kitchen Safety Tips ...

The kitchen is a dangerous place and if you do not follow safety rules, you will be setting yourself up for burns, cuts and falls. This is a place where many adults spend at least one hour in (sometimes more) each day. Safety needs to be followed. It’s not a place to play around. Below, I am going to give you 7 must-know kitchen safety tips …

7. Don’t Wear Baggy Clothes

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When you are cooking in the kitchen, you should not wear baggy clothes. The clothes could accidently catch on fire. I know, this sounds like a no brainer, but those first starting out may not realize this. Don’t go thinking that it’s okay, because it will only be a couple of minutes, if you have baggy clothes on before you start cooking, then go change real quick.

6. Keep the Kids out

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Unless the kids are helping you with something in the kitchen, they do not belong in there. There are many things in the kitchen that could cause harm to the pets. Surely you don’t want this.

5. Don’t Rush around the Kitchen

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If you rush around the kitchen in a hurry to do something, then there is going to be an accident. So, slow it down a bit, there is no need to rush.

4. Stir Away from Your Body

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When you are stirring something that is boiling on the stove, don’t stir towards your body because you could burn yourself pretty bad. Instead, make sure you stir away from your body. This will help to prevent those nasty burns.

3. Clean Something up Right Away if You Spill It on the Floor

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Do you know what would happen if you spill something on the floor and leave it there? You could slip on it and fall. Even worse, you could have some hot liquid in your hand when you slip and fall. That sounds painful, doesn’t it? Then clean up any spills you make right away.

2. Don’t Leave the Kitchen While You Are Cooking

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When you have pots and pans cooking on the stove, you need to stay in the kitchen. You never know what is going to happen. I never understood how someone could cook something that is only going to take five minutes, then go outside where they completely forget about it. Never go outside when you are cooking. If you do, then shut the stove off.

1. If You Have a Grease Fire

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If you have a grease fire, then you can toss salt or baking soda on it. This is great if you do not have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, which you should have one.

There are your 7 must-know kitchen safety tips. Of course, there are tons of other safety tips you need to stick to in the kitchen and I will allow my readers to tell the rest. Do you have some safety tips to share with us?

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