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Do you find yourself throwing away what seems like hundreds of yoghurt pots every week? I seem to get through a fair number, but although we are now able to recycle them where I live, this is not the case everywhere. So, because I dislike the idea of them being thrown in the garbage, I’ve come up with some ideas for making good use of them. Plus it’s even better to reuse than recycle!

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Yoghurt pots make the perfect scoop for any dried goods that come in large bags or sacks. I use them to fill my cats’ bowls with dry food. A large pot would also be ideal for using to scoop compost from a sack. Another possibility is to fill up bird feeders, but I’m sure you can think of more uses.



Are you a keen gardener who likes to grow plants from seeds? Seed pots can be expensive if you use a lot, so start collecting yoghurt pots. Either plant several seeds in each one, or use them to ‘pot up’ the seedlings as they grow.


Paint Pots

Do your kids love painting? Yoghurt pots are great for decanting paints as they’re deep enough to hold a decent amount of colour without spilling. They’re also good for mixing colours, and can be saved for future use or thrown away afterwards.



Yoghurt pots can be used to store all kinds of things, from paperclips and elastic bands to nails and other small DIY items. In fact, if you’re handy when it comes to DIY, you could make a storage unit by cutting out some circles to slot the pots in, thus keeping them secure from spillage.



Do you like making your own candles? If you do, yoghurt pots make ideal moulds, although do check that they can withstand the hot wax. The beauty is that they can be easily cut off and discarded if the candles don’t slip out when they are ready.


Bird Feeders

I’ve already mentioned that yoghurt pots could be used to fill bird feeders with seed, but there is another possibility. As with the candles, they can be used as moulds, this time to make fat balls. Google for recipes – your feathered friends will definitely appreciate it when the weather turns cold.


Food Containers

Do you ever have odd amounts of food left over that aren’t enough for a meal, but that you don’t want to throw away? Use yoghurt pots to store them in the fridge or freezer. Just make sure to wash and dry them thoroughly first – and label them so that you know what’s in them!



I was surprised to discover that yoghurt pots can be used to make some really amazing craft items. Check out the lamp at craftster.org. It just goes to show what you can do with a little creativity and something that would otherwise be discarded!

There must be hundreds of other uses our clever readers have come up with, so can you share them with us?

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I most of the time paint them and use to plant decorative plants in them. Other suggestions are also great.

I love these ideas, I'm a big fan of reusing. I've got a lemon seedling growing in an old miso container (not quite yogurt, but the container's about the same) right now!

Alison, are you British? Americans spell it yogurt.

I know this has nothing to do with what's being discussed, but I WANT THE RAT OF THE PHOTO!!!!

Left over food container more like ;)

The latest yogurt containers do not have lids, but rather the foil seals, so this cuts down on some of your usage suggestions. Still a good idea to use them for planting seeds. I also use a cardboard egg carton for starting my plant seedlings.

You are correct Alison, on both accounts.

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