7 Wonderfully Scrumptious Spanish Cooking Blogs ...


7 Wonderfully Scrumptious Spanish Cooking Blogs ...
7 Wonderfully Scrumptious Spanish Cooking Blogs ...

Spanish Cooking Blogs show you how to perfect the cuisines of the many regions of Spain. They are the blogs you visit if you are interested in learning how to cook tapas, churros, turron, and many other dishes. Take note, the** top Spanish blogs** we have here are written in their native language. No worries, Google Translate will make your blog-hopping experience less of a hassle. Let's check out these** best Spanish cooking blogs**, shall we?

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La Cocina De Lechuza Filled to the brim with recipes, beautiful photos, and stories, this is one of the top Spanish cooking blogs out there. The lady behind this blog is Pilar. She is from Galicia and she brings us traditional dishes from this northern part of Spain. For an easier time browsing her blog, you can let the pages guide you.


Cooking without Fear The story behind the creation of this top Spanish cooking blog is right on the sidebar. I suggest you read it on your first visit. Once you get to know Maria better, I'm sure you will love her recipes even more. Check out her blog for instructions and photos on making sweets, traditional dishes, and a whole lot more.


My Sweet and Savory Recipes This is another fantastic blog to check out if you are interested in learning a wide variety of Spanish dishes. Top recipes that you will love on this blog are on desserts. So go ahead and bookmark; I'm sure the treats you end up making with the help of this blog will become family favorites.


En Cocinaando

En Cocinaando This is the cooking/baking blog of one creative lady. Most of the recipes featured on this blog are for desserts and pastries. However, you can also find recipes for seafood, vegies, pasta, and others. Apart from the recipes, this blog also has features on cooking/food events around Malaga.


En Cocinaando is a Spanish cooking blog written by a creative lady based in Malaga. It features a wide variety of recipes from desserts and pastries to seafood, veggies, and pasta. The blog also highlights cooking and food events around the city. Each recipe is accompanied by a stunning photo of the finished product. The blog also offers helpful tips and tricks for novice and experienced cooks alike. In addition, En Cocinaando often shares recipes from other Spanish chefs, giving readers a chance to try new flavors and techniques. With its unique approach to Spanish cooking, En Cocinaando is a must-visit blog for anyone looking to explore the flavors of Spain.


Calohe Diaries This is one of the** top Spanish cooking blogs** today with a fantastic selection of dessert recipes. A good number of recipes are international in flavor but there are also some that are traditional. A wonderful bonus would be the beautiful photos. Even if you are simply interested in eye candy, this blog will not let you down.


Cocina X 2 This is the blog of Laurita. She lives in Malaga, Spain and brings us recipes that are too delightful to ignore. From desserts to main dishes to recipes that were perfected by Laurita's own mother, this is a blog rich in stories and food that will nourish the soul.


the Marichu Recipes ... and Mine This is one of the best Spanish cooking blogs today for recipes on sweets, traditional Malaga recipes, and more. This is also a fantastic blog to check out if you are looking for original recipes from someone who clearly knows how to whip up the most scrumptious meals. Enjoy!

There you have some of the** top Spanish cooking blogs** online today. You will notice that most of these cover only a couple of regions in Spain. Don't worry, we plan on updating this list with even more** fantastic Spanish cooking blogs**. Our aim is to bring you cuisines from all corners of the country.

Tell me, which of these blogs do you know and love?

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